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What are the special folk customs in various places to welcome the New Year?Come and make up for the lessons – China News Network

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As the Spring Festival approaches, the streets and alleys of China are buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Year of the Dragon. From traditional reunion dinners to lively performances, people all across the country are finding unique ways to welcome the new year.

In Yibin, Sichuan, the local government organized a special rice field banquet to celebrate the past year’s harvest and welcome the Spring Festival. More than 60 tables were set up along the fields, featuring local specialties such as chicken, duck, and roasted pork. The highlight of the dinner was the locally produced early shrimps, adding a unique touch to the traditional feast.

Meanwhile, in Peng’an County, Sichuan, a mesmerizing performance of the “Fire Dragon Steel Flower” took place. This national intangible cultural heritage showcased molten iron being beaten into the sky, creating a breathtaking display of “steel flowers” flying all over. Accompanied by festive music, dragon dancers added to the spectacle, bringing joy and excitement to the audience.

In the towns and villages of Yuzhong County, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, lively social fires marked the beginning of the New Year celebrations. Women in the village carried Taiping drums on their backs and put on heroic costumes, adding a rich northwest style to the festivities. The drum beats echoed through the village, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

In Yuchang Building, a Tulou building in Nanjing, the New Year was welcomed with a rich and flavorful display. Red lanterns were hung high, and New Year couplets adorned the building. Families got busy preparing for the Spring Festival, engaging in traditional activities such as pasting spring talismans, hanging evergreen lanterns, making lucky rice cakes, and brewing glutinous rice wine.

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The Year of the Dragon holds special significance for many, and tourists from all over the world have joined in expressing their New Year blessings and best wishes. The festive spirit is alive and thriving as communities come together to celebrate the upcoming New Year in their own unique ways.

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