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What changes have been made to the grassroots political and legal officers since the rectification of the national political and legal team? -Chinanews

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  What changes have been made to the grassroots political and legal officers since the education and rectification of the national political and legal team

  “For intercession, don’t speak at all!”

Investigating motivation

Since the education and rectification of the national political and legal teams, all localities have persisted in integrating learning and education through the integration of political education, warning education, and heroic education, achieving the goal of strengthening political loyalty and establishing a new image of police officers.

During an interview in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province recently, a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily reported to reporters that through study and education, they received a profound baptism of thought and gained a new and deeper understanding of how to be a good police officer in the new era. .

Through education and rectification, what insights do grassroots political and legal officers have? What are the positive changes? With these questions in mind, the reporter conducted investigations and interviews in nearly 20 grassroots political and legal units, including district and county courts, procuratorates, police stations, traffic police teams, and judicial offices in Xinzhou City.

  Reporter’s Notes


This is the term most used by the front-line political and legal police officers in the interview to talk about their feelings.

This shock stems from the strength, scope, and actual measures of the political and legal contingent education and rectification, which really touched the deepest soul of the vast number of political and legal police officers.

After the baptism, the majority of political and legal police officers will inevitably strengthen their ideals and beliefs, perform their duties more dedicatedly, have stricter discipline, and serve the people more intimately, so as to ensure that the “knife” is firmly in the hands of the party and the people.

The country is the people, and the people are the country. Fighting the country and guarding the country, guarding the hearts of the people.

We have every reason to believe that after education and rectification, the political and legal teams will be able to fulfill their original aspirations, shoulder their missions, fear sacrifices, fight heroically, be loyal to the party, live up to the people, and escort the building of a modern and powerful socialist country in an all-round way!

□ Our reporter Ma Chao and Wang Zhitang

“To say hello is to touch the bottom line! An unfair trial may lead to a petition case.”

“If a classmate asks me to eat, I must first ask who is participating. If I find that a client or his lawyer is present after I go there, even if it is nothing to do with the case and just eat a meal, I will get up and leave.”

“The common people are practical, but whenever you do something practical for them, they will applaud you and applaud you!”

Three police officers from the grassroots front-line political and legal units in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province, recently expressed their views on the education and rectification of the national political and legal team in an interview with a reporter from the Rule of Law Daily.

In fact, these aspirations are just a microcosm of the touches of grassroots political and legal officers through strengthening their study and education since the education and rectification of the national political and legal contingents.

  “Incorruption is the foundation of everything”

The 54-year-old Guo Liping, director of the Yunzhong Road Judicial Office in Xinfu District, Xinzhou City, is an “old judicial office”. Before working at the Yunzhong Road Judicial Office, he worked in 4 judicial offices.

Learning has changed from passive to active-this is the biggest feeling Guo Liping has brought to Guo Liping from the educational rectification of the political and legal team.

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In the past, due to the fact that there were fewer people and more tasks, and no hard requirements, for Guo Liping, learning was to stop the sheep and fight jujubes—piggybacking, and systematic learning was even more important.

After the education and rectification of the political and legal teams began, learning and education became the first hurdle for the political and legal officers to pass.

Make a study plan, participate in group study, online study, and use evenings and weekends for self-study…

Guo Liping forced herself to restart the path of learning: “At first, I was really forced to learn more on some learning platforms to earn credits. Later, I continued to study and became a habit.”

Nowadays, Guo Liping picks up a book and reads a few pages whenever he has time. Before going to bed, he also broadcasts a short story about party history on his mobile phone, and checks information when he is unclear.

Among the learning models, what impressed Guo Liping the most was the touching deeds of Zhang Fuqing, the winner of the “Republic Medal” and a model of the times: during the revolutionary war years, he charged into battle and was not afraid of sacrifices. Regardless of terms and conditions, regardless of gains and losses, we will do every job wholeheartedly. In particular, he hid his fame for more than 60 years after he changed jobs. Apart from truthfully reporting his personal information to the organization, he has never told people around him about his magnificent military exploits, let alone use it as a capital to ask the organization for treatment.

“Although I don’t have the illustrious military exploits of Zhang Fuqing, but I still work at the grassroots level. Why can’t I do everything with one heart and one mind like Zhang Fuqing does? I firmly believe that I can!” Guo Liping said firmly.

Unlike Guo Liping, Fan Shuishai, director of the General Office of Yuanping City People’s Court, has a deeper impression on warning education.

The warning education conference, the warning education film “Always on the Road”, the notification of typical cases of violations of laws and disciplines… one after another warning education class has brought unprecedented shock to the “post-80s”. In particular, a retired judge of Yuanping City People’s Court was taken lien on suspicion of violating discipline and law, and this judge was a professional expert. After hearing about the judge, Fan Shuaishuai was quite moved.

“Firm ideals and beliefs are the pillars, and integrity is the foundation of everything. Law and discipline are high-tension wires and cannot be touched. Once touched, it will hurt yourself, the interests of the masses, and affect the credibility of the judiciary.” Fan Shuaishuai sighed with emotion. Tao.

  “I didn’t expect to be so strict this time”

“Shall we have a meal together on Saturday night?”

“Who will attend?”

“Just a few of our classmates, no one else.”

“Okay, make a statement in advance, only talk about classmates, not about work, let alone cases. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not giving you face!”

“Don’t worry, everyone knows it, you don’t need to worry about it.”

This is a conversation between Yin Junming, a member of the Party Group and the post judge of the People’s Court of Xinfu District, Xinzhou City, and his classmates.

Yin Junming, 59, has worked in the court for 36 years. As an “old judge”, Yin Junming knows well: Having dinner with classmates, if the client or lawyer is present, even if he is still trying the case fairly, he still gives the opposing party room for reasonable suspicion, and this in itself violates the “Three Regulations”. “What’s more, if it really has nothing to do with the case, then the parties to the case or the lawyer should not appear at the dinner table.”

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In Yin Junming’s view, if he is dealt with because he has eaten a meal, he is committing the lowest-level mistake.

“I have been a judge for my whole life. I didn’t expect this education to be rectified so much. I didn’t expect the requirements to be so strict this time, and I didn’t expect to deal with so many people!” When talking about the education and rectification of the political and legal team, Yin Junming used three consecutive “No think”.

The formation of a high-pressure situation has once again clarified the bottom line for political and legal police officers, saying hello, asking about the progress of the case, or even intervening in the handling of cases.

“It must be refused, and then recorded in accordance with the regulations.” Wang Richeng, director of the Office of the Traffic Police Brigade of Yuanping City Public Security Bureau, puts adherence to principles first. “I will tell my relatives, don’t talk about intercession at all! It is hard for me to speak!”

Compared with Wang Richeng’s bluntness, Fan Shuaishuai is slightly euphemistic: “If someone says hello, I will tell the other person. Based on my understanding of the judge in charge, he will definitely handle the case fairly and fairly. After all, the judgments are now lifelong responsibility. .”

What if it’s a higher-level leader who greets you?

Zhang Junjun, head of the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Xinzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: “Then make it clear to the leader that it is not just our public security family that handles the case. Can the procuratorial organs approve the arrest afterwards and can it be brought forward? Can the court decide? The lawyer’s. Can Bian get along? Under the current situation, the leaders will definitely not embarrass you by clarifying the advantages and disadvantages.”

“Dare not be the bottom line, it cannot be conscious, and unwillingness is the ultimate goal.” Yin Junming said that under the high pressure situation, it has basically reached “dare”. After normalization, it gradually becomes “no”, and ultimately depends on the institutional mechanism and party style. Build a clean government and improve the quality of police officers to achieve “unwillingness.” At that time, the stubborn disease will be fundamentally cured.

  “To work for the common people is to make a high profile”

In the Comprehensive Service Hall of the Hebian Police Station in Dingxiang County, Xinzhou City, the slogan “Doing a household registration certificate network facilitates the people, the benefit of the enterprise, and the heart to heart” is particularly conspicuous. Below the slogan, two boxes were neatly stacked with the new household registration books.

“After the relocation of the entire six villages in the jurisdiction, the original household registration book shall be invalidated and must be re-applied.” The household registration policeman Song Ze Mindong assumed this task.

Song Zemin’s name has “Min”, which may give him a natural sense of closeness to the masses.

It takes 4 minutes to complete a procedure to print, stamp, and put it into a leather case. Song Zemin uses the get off work time and weekends to do this work.

“I want to take the time to send these household registration books to everyone’s homes as soon as possible.” Song Zemin took out an A4 paper full of names and told reporters, every time he sent a tick after the corresponding name, “Really send service Come home”.

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Since the education and rectification of the political and legal team, combined with “I do practical things for the masses”, Song Zemin has created two “online and offline” battlefields.

The offline “battlefield” mainly faces the population of more than 29,500 in 18 villages in the jurisdiction. The position is the comprehensive lobby of the police station. In addition to placing relevant notification materials, it also prepares red and black T-shirts for people who do not meet the requirements for taking ID photos. , Combs, and even rubber bands for lesbians to tie their hair.

The online “battlefield” faces netizens from all over the world. Relying on the Douyin account “People’s Min”, they release information about the mass-related business requirements such as name changes, account opening, and processing procedures.

So far, the most popular video has broken 8 million views and 45,000 likes. Many netizens came here just to see Song Zemin.

Song Zemin said: “To work for the common people is to make a high profile!”

The reason why he is so “high-profile” is because he has a dream: when he retires, he will make his service window the most accessible public security service window in the country.

Every day there is a good idea, a new measure to serve the people, Song Zemin is one step closer to this goal.

In addition to narrowing the spiritual distance with the masses and serving the people more enthusiastically, the education and rectification of the political and legal team has brought the grass-roots political and legal officers a significant improvement in their mental outlook and a substantial increase in the quality and effectiveness of case handling.

“Don’t avoid problems, face them, and solve them. As long as it’s for work, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, let’s face them together!” For a small number of police problems, Li Xiaowu, director of the Nancheng Police Station of Yuanping City Public Security Bureau, took the initiative.

In handling the case, Li Xiaowu even charged ahead, working with the police on the front line night shift, eating instant noodles, and arresting suspects. He always has more night shifts than others, and always rushes first when arrested.

“With such a director rushing forward, what reason do we have to shrink back? With such a director protecting, why do we not have a good job? Not only sorry for the organization, but also our own conscience.” Interview At the end, a policeman at the police station caught up with the reporter and said something like this.

For Wang Haosheng, deputy director of the Third Procuratorate Department of the People’s Procuratorate of Dingxiang County and post prosecutor, what he felt most was that he worked with the leaders of the court and department heads to solve the problem of overdue cases that were self-examined and corrected, which not only rectified the stubbornness The miasma disease has also enhanced the team’s combat effectiveness.

Overdue case handling is also a manifestation of suppressing the case and not investigating it. While rectifying its own case overdue problems, the Dingxiang County People’s Procuratorate also adopted procuratorial recommendations to strengthen legal supervision of overdue and overdue cases in courts and public security organs.

Today, the Dingxiang County People’s Procuratorate has greatly improved its case handling efficiency, and the average processing time for each case has been accelerated by two to three days.

In the People’s Court of Xinfu District, Xinzhou City, the quality and effectiveness of trials have also been greatly improved, with an increase of 22 percentage points in June compared with May.


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