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What is allowed and prohibited in the second round campaign?

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What is allowed and prohibited in the second round campaign?

The National Electoral Council began the campaign for the Second round of the presidential elections that will be held on October 12.

In the runoff they face Luisa González and Daniel Noboa.

“During this period, they will be able to use the Electoral Promotion Fund for the Second Round and disseminate their proposals in the written press, radio, television, billboards and digital media equitably and equally,” explained the National Electoral Council.

Each candidacy is assigned a limit of electoral spending which “represents the maximum that political organizations can spend on events, rallies, meetings, murals and campaign promotional items”

It was also noted that “the delivery of donations, gifts or gifts to citizens is prohibited.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that during the election campaign The dissemination of material with violent, discriminatory, racist content, on drugs, sexism, religious intolerance, politics, use of girls, boys or adolescents and any action that violates rights is not permitted.

The “electoral silence” will come into force on Friday, October 13 and will be in force until Sunday the 15th.

“In this way the CNE It guarantees the full exercise of participation of Ecuadorians, calling on political organizations to carry out a transparent campaign of mutual respect,” he mentioned.

In the first round of the elections, held on August 20, the candidate of the former president’s Citizen Revolution movement Rafael Correa achieved 33 percent of the vote, followed by the National Democratic Action alliance of Noboawhich has reached almost 23 percent of support.

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