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What is it that President Petro has not been able to understand?

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What is it that President Petro has not been able to understand?


What is Petro thinking?

Eight days ago, President Petro invited former President Álvaro Uribe, head of the opposition, to have a coffee at the Nariño Palace in order to analyze the differences that separate us from the health reform bill.

Some believe that being the opposition means maintaining a fierce and implausible confrontation between what the government thinks and what the opposition wants.

The role that the opposition must play is in defending ideological positions, the institutions of the Nation, from those that dispute as initiatives of the government in power. In this case, the position of the Democratic Center party and its director is consistent with the studies they have been doing on the proposals of Gustavo Petro’s government. President Álvaro Uribe and his parliamentary group defend impulses that build on what has been built, but they oppose proposals that aim to destroy everything that has served the country.

President Álvaro Uribe spoke in that sense during the visit that he agreed to make to the government, but as was natural, during the time in which they remained in the presidency, no one listened to them, nor did they pay any attention, because apparently, Petro wants His guests, as Brother Alfonso Palacio Rudas would say, swallow whole, and submit to the ideological, national-socialist whims of their commander.

In summary, what President Gustavo Petro wants is to nationalize the health service; With deceit, he offers that some EPS continue, but basically what the executive proposes is to transfer millions of users, from these companies, to entities that will be managed by the mayors and governors at the request of the Ministry of Health, at the head of a government marked with a perverse ideology, harmful to the immense mass of citizens who demand to maintain a good health service.

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Something similar is happening with the government’s other reform projects. The labor reform, the pension reform, the educational reform, the agrarian reform, initiatives that we do not see as having a future due to their ideological framework.

The responses to these projects without a future, and to the corruption scandals seen at all social levels, have led hundreds of thousands of Colombians to protest and publicly demand the resignation of the president of the republic for being incoherent, aggravating the disillusionment, the obvious threats that hang over the rule of law with the wrong security policy. Our army is the victim of the greatest opprobrium, raised by officially indoctrinated groups to offend and humiliate it in the eyes of the government that does not do anything

effort to defend institutions. In the four cardinal points of our geography they remove soldiers from the country as if they were undesirable beings and there is no one to defend them. Meanwhile, the peace proposal that is going nowhere, and that is only supported by the executive to strengthen narcoterrorist groups, has remained in the hands of former companions of rebellion. For the government, it is more important to recognize a criminal like Mancuso as a peace manager than to heed the opposition’s recommendations. As it is, gentlemen, this is not going anywhere and the time to decide is approaching. Julio Bahamon Vanegas.

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