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What is known about the cover that Feid “published” by Karol G

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What is known about the cover that Feid “published” by Karol G

The cover with Karol G that turned on social networks

Last Friday, May 26, on Feid’s official YouTube channel, a remix of his song “14 de febrero” was published, the above with Paulo Londra and Tiago PZK, of which the cover photo is one of Karol G on a bed. Given the fact, social networks exploded.

In less than 24 hours, the video achieved nearly 40,000 views and the comments on social networks skyrocketed with the supposed confirmation of the love relationship between Feid and Karol G. However, this could be false.

Various media such as Infobae and experts in the music industry have reported that this product on the Feid channel is a ‘mashup’. The above means the union without permission of several songs that the artists have already made, which does not mean that the artists have agreed to such a remix or that they have even met to record it.

How do you explain that the remix has been published on the official channel of Feid?

In the description of the video there would be proof that the remix is ​​a mashup, because in addition to the fact that neither Feid, nor Paulo Londra, nor Tiago PZK have published anything regarding the supposed collaboration, it comes from a user called Ditto Music.

According to YouTube, although this video appears as if it were on Feid’s official channel, when it is entered it is not published. This is due to an ambiguous error in which some users or companies distribute music without consent or license, as in this case.

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