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What is the cause of the massive traffic jam in La Calera?

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What is the cause of the massive traffic jam in La Calera?

Protestants, furthermore, They assured that they do not trust that the resources from the money obtained in the toll were being used for the construction of the road. It should be noted that several politicians from Choachí would be behind the organization of the demonstration.

Among the complaints, they assure that the installation of this toll would be directly affecting the 300 thousand people who are forced to cross through this 22 kilometer route.

These demonstrations, which are located at the patio toll plaza, would be generating a great traffic jam of vehicles that would reach the seventh race, northeast of the country’s capital.

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This traffic jam, at the moment, would extend more than seven kilometers and various student institutions were forced to cancel their classes due to the impossibility of school transportation to cross this sector.

The mobility authorities, after the traffic jams, They are recommending citizens take alternative routess to avoid taking the traffic jam. One of the detours that it is advisable to take is the detour through Sopó.

It should be noted that ANDI is already present at the protestin order to reach an agreement with the citizens and decongest the access road to La Calera and, therefore, to the surrounding municipalities.

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