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What is the point of the health center if there are no parking lots?

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A reflection on a hot topic. The health center that includes Regina Margherita, Sant’Anna, University Clinic, Molinette, Cto and San Lazzaro (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone) remains an unsolved tragedy for Turin, my city, a city I love very much. The tangle of disjointed cars in double, triple row, parked everywhere, paid parking lots full, with no one from the city council to lift a finger is unacceptable.

On Monday – I’ve been doing it for 7 years now – I go to the children’s hospital for annual checkups: a silent anger grows every time. But today I want to denounce this situation for all those families who are already unwilling to go to the area and perhaps in the rain, in the mud with umbrellas, bags, exam folders, strollers and small children in tow – families who may be leave at 6.00 in the morning because they come from far away – they are forced to wander for hours without finding any parking possibilities (if not for a fee).

There are families who need checks every week, and they are abandoned families! Single mothers who must necessarily be accompanied as they cannot afford to park too far from the hospital. Has anyone ever gone there to realize what is happening? What pitiful conditions are we forced to accept in a nerve center and already full of sadness, the center to which people in need of care and perhaps with wheelchairs in tow go and who knows what other difficulties?

It is time to draw up a nice urban plan that includes free parking – and of sufficient capacity – for the users of the hospitals, the staff (who have always undergone the same treatment, they don’t have a parking space either) and all families. Is it indeed possible for a city like Turin not to be equipped in such a neighborhood? Someone put a hand on your heart.

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