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What is the taurine effervescent tablet that SISU boys give to girls? – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

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What is the taurine effervescent tablet that SISU boys give to girls?  – Viewpoint · Observation – cnBeta.COM

On June 12, an article “A female student at Shanghai International Studies University dropped an unknown object in a coffee cup by a male classmate of the same school” rushed to the hot search. Preliminary investigation by the police confirmed that the boy put half a taurine effervescent tablet in the girl’s coffee cup, which was purchased online. On the same day, @Shanghai International Studies University issued a notice saying that the students involved have been taken away by the public security organs for investigation.


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On the evening of the 13th, taurine effervescent tablets have been removed from the shelves of many e-commerce platforms.

Many people can’t help but wonder: what is taurine effervescent tablet? what’s the effect? Sex drugs? poison? Let’s look down together…

What are Taurine Effervescent Tablets?

Taurine was originally one of the components of the Chinese herbal bezoar, and it is also a normal sulfur-containing amino acid in the body. It can regulate the excitability of nerve tissue and regulate body temperature. Clinically, it has antipyretic, sedative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-rheumatic properties. , anticonvulsant and other effects. In addition, it can also improve the body’s non-specific immune function.

At present, the only medicinal taurine includes: ① taurine granules, ② taurine tablets, each tablet contains 0.4g of taurine, which can be used for children (1 year old and above) or adults to relieve Fever in the early stage of a cold should only be used for patients with early onset and low fever.

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Adults can take 3~4 sachets at most at one time, 3 times a day, about 4.8g of taurine per day.

therefore,Taurine is essentially a sulfur-containing amino acid, widely present in various tissues and organs of humans and animals, and has no effect on enhancing libido. Therefore, effervescent tablets made of taurine are not sexual drugs.

In fact, many energy drinks also contain a certain amount of taurine. Of course, there are also unscrupulous manufacturers who directly package taurine preparations as “health products that enhance sexual function” and falsely promote and sell them.

Which medicines contain taurine?

At present, in addition to pure taurine granules (0.4g/pack), taurine tablets (0.4g/tablet), and taurine capsules (0.4g/tablet), the currently approved drugs also include “Five-dimensional cattle” Sulfonic Acid Oral Solution”.

Five-dimensional taurine oral solution, equivalent to the mixed oral solution of taurine (20mg/10ml) and vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, niacinamide, vitamin D, can be used for malnutrition caused by vitamin B deficiency , anorexia, beriberi, pellagra adjuvant therapy; used for nutritional supplementation during growth and development; after recovery from illness, nutritional supplementation during prenatal, postpartum and lactation periods, and adjuvant therapy for febrile wasting diseases.

The “XX Taurine Effervescent Tablets” put in by the boy should be effervescent tablets containing taurine and other ingredients. These effervescent tablet products have not been approved as drugs by the drug administration department, but they can be managed relatively loosely. health products (special foods) can be purchased online at will.

What happens to the body if you take taurine effervescent tablets?

Usually, the “XX Taurine Effervescent Tablets” sold online are 4g each, and the content of taurine varies, most of which are 100mg~200mg/tablet, which is far less than the maximum daily dose for adults to “relieve fever in the early stage of a cold”. The dose is 4.8g.

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In the incident, the boy put in a “half” effervescent tablet, calculated at 100 mg, which is less than 2% of the daily dose of medicinal taurine, so this dose of taurine will not affect the human body, but this behavior has no effect on the human body. Our spirits bring great stimulation.

What is the special reaction of taurine to coffee?

Some people may ask: Is taurine itself safe, and when taurine encounters coffee (maybe coffee in a girl’s coffee cup), it will become a poison or a sex drug?

Currently,When taurine and coffee meet, they will not undergo chemical changes to form poisons, nor will they become sex drugs.

This incident once again reminds everyone that the focus is on young girls, pay attention to the “risk of poisoning” that may exist in public places, and pay attention to self-protection.

I also remind everyone not to be fooled/misled by the overwhelming naive online “prank” videos:

Although taurine (whether made into tablets, granules, capsules or effervescent tablets) is safe, secretly “throwing foreign objects” into other people’s cups, regardless of whether the “foreign objects” put in are poisonous or not, is a property of Bad behavior may break the law and cause serious consequences.

I accidentally drank foreign body medicine, etc., what should I do?

A lot of “warning messages” on the Internet tell us, especially young girls who are alone, that they can’t drink drinks when they are out of sight. For example, in a bar, if you go to the bathroom in the middle, you should not continue drinking the drinks after returning.

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If you inadvertently drink a drink with a peculiar smell/smelling, or wake up to suspect “poisoning”, you should seek safety protection immediately, such as quickly reporting to the clerk, calling your loved ones, or calling the police directly. At the same time, it is best to ask the clerk to save the residual drink for evidence.

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