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WhatsApp introduced secret code feature

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WhatsApp introduced secret code feature

California: Technology company Meta’s subsidiary messaging application WhatsApp has introduced a new secret code feature for users to keep their conversations private. Using this feature, users will be able to hide their sensitive conversations with the help of a specific password.
This feature is touted as an additional security dimension to ensure privacy for users, which will make it difficult for a stranger to hack into WhatsApp and read chats.
The secret code is based on another feature called ChatLock that WhatsApp announced in May. In this feature, the chats are moved to a separate folder and the user needs the device’s password or biometric to access them.
According to WhatsApp, having a unique password (different from the phone unlock password) for each chat is intended to provide users with an extra dimension of privacy.
The company further said that users will have the option to hide locked chats from the list, which they can later search by just typing the password in the search bar.

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