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When private resonance is expected in the public hospital

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When private resonance is expected in the public hospital

The Nursind trade unionist Giuseppe Summa tells it “Citizens did not know that the service is outsourced. For us it remains a cost”


“This time I just couldn’t keep quiet.” Thus began the conversation with Giuseppe Summa, Nursind trade unionist, who deals with the nursing professions throughout the province of Turin.

The theme is magnetic resonance imaging in Chivasso and the relationship between public and private. Summa was in the Chivassian hospital in line for the exam for personal matters.

At one point, given the delay of an hour, the patients in the waiting room started shouting. «After an hour – explained Summa -, we were still waiting, but I understand and it is also written on the door that appointments can be postponed for reasons related to emergencies or diagnoses. However, the usual smear campaign against the public has started. Not being able to remain silent, I had to intervene: the operators were certainly working and not wasting time, but the magnetic resonance of Chivasso is not public, but private ».

At this point the citizens look at each other in amazement and ask Summa for information. «The ASL – he explains to the trade unionist – reimburses the service to the private owner of the machine. And even the staff who manage it are all external. This is because there is no money, nor, apparently, the possibility of taking out a mortgage to buy one for Chivasso and Ivrea, which is currently out of stock, but is expected to access similar services ».

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The question is not so much against private healthcare, which finds its raison d’etre outside hospitals. «I’m not angry with private individuals – explains Summa -, the problem is when they enter public hospitals. And I understand very well that citizens may not know this and are amazed. I am thrilled, however, when I learn that the new hospital is being built in Cuneo with private funds. I hope that nothing like this can ever happen in Ivrea. In reality it is a waste of resources to outsource a service that the private sector certainly does not offer for free ». –

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