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When will the manufacturing boom, which has always been blue, improve?

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When will the manufacturing boom, which has always been blue, improve?

The Taiwan Institute of Economic Research released the survey results on the manufacturing climate on the 8th, showing that the manufacturing business climate signal value in April was 9.87 points, a monthly decrease of 0.35 points, and the light continued to be a blue light representing a recession. The moon appears blue. The May export statistics released by the Ministry of Finance on the 7th were 36.13 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 14.1%, declining for 9 consecutive months.

The Prosperity Forecasting Center of the Taiwan Institute of Economics pointed out that global terminal demand is still weak, and the effects of tightening monetary policies in Europe and the United States have gradually fermented. Manufacturing activities in major countries remained sluggish in April. In terms of domestic manufacturing, due to the continued contraction of the global economy, manufacturers are generally still in the stage of destocking, which affects the selling price and demand indicators. Fortunately, international raw material prices have softened compared with the same period last year, pushing up costs and raw material inputs, etc. indicator performance.

As for the indicators of the business environment, according to the analysis of the Taiwan Economic Research Institute, it is affected by the downward revision of the annual semiconductor revenue outlook of domestic chip manufacturers. Looking at individual industries in the electronic components industry, the production index and annual decline in exports continue to be in double digits, which affects the performance of indicators such as raw material input and operating environment. Decaying blue light.

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According to the analysis of the Taiwan Institute of Economics, the improvement of the economic climate depends on three major aspects, including: 1. Whether the European and American economies can stabilize: Most international economies predict that the possibility of the Fed raising interest rates in June is not high, which will help the European and American economies stabilize; 2. , China‘s domestic demand boost: the mainland’s exports, retail sales of social consumer goods, and industrial added value have shown growth in recent months, but imports have weakened, real estate has cooled, and youth unemployment has soared. Taiwanese businessmen also have concerns about the mainland’s investment environment. Insufficient confidence; 3. The speed of semiconductor industry destocking: The semiconductor industry, which accounts for about 40% of Taiwan’s exports, has revised down its annual revenue outlook. The speed of industry destocking will become one of the important factors affecting the performance of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry. Its future Changes must continue to be observed.

In April, the Taiwan Institute of Economics and Economics’ manufacturing prosperity light continued to be a blue light representing a recession.Source of data / Provided by Taiwan Institute of Economics

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