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Where did the trend come from?

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Where did the trend come from?

These days social networks have been flooded with ‘dino-professions’, we will tell you where this curious trend came from.

The cute dinosaurs dressed in the outfits of different professions have taken over social networks and many wonder how they came to be or who their creator is.

Well, the creator of this trend has been “The AI ​​Dreams” who has accounts on Instagram and TikTok and from there, they began to share the images created by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) called Midjourney.

Once in interaction with said AI, users must make a description of the illustration they wish to represent and thus the creation begins.

“The AI ​​Dreams” has used this Artificial Intelligence to represent various themes that it has been publishing on its accounts.

The use of AI has been increasing and has been included in the professional field since it turns out to be a tool that can give good results. There are also others called Craiyon, NeuroGen and Latent Diffusion.

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