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Where will Alianza FC play its Copa Sudamericana match?

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Where will Alianza FC play its Copa Sudamericana match?

On March 6, Alianza Fútbol Club will face América de Cali in a game corresponding to the preliminary phase of the Copa Sudamericana. However, in the last inspection carried out by the South American Football Confederation, Conmebol, it was determined that due to the state of the pitch at the Armando Maestre Pavajeau stadium, Valledupar could not be the venue for the international match.

Given this situation, the city of Barranquilla would host the game between vallenatos and caleños. However, it was learned that Bogotá could be an option to compete in the international order game.

“We had planned to play in the city of Barranquilla given the proximity and the fact that it has a stadium endorsed by the South American Football Confederation, Conmebol, however, there is also the possibility of playing in the city of Bogotá in a couple of days we will have the exact confirmation,” said the leader.

Ferreira added: “First we are going to wait to see which of the two cities gives us the go-ahead to be able to play. Once we have it we will make the respective evaluation, but if it is Barranquilla we will carry out the same planning from the point of view of preparation as if the game were to be played in Valledupar, but if it is Bogotá we have a different plan to play at altitude. ”.


Although the capital of the Atlantic seems the right place to dispute the commitment of the South American Cup, Bogotá, According to the leader, it has been a place in which the teams that play against América de Cali have done well and that if the match were to take place in the country’s capital, it would not be due to monetary issues.

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“Playing in Bogotá is an option, but we raised this idea not because of the economic factor, we have done it because analyzing we have seen that it is difficult for América to play there and that is a factor that we can take advantage of in our favor, but we have to wait as long as possible. that Conmebol indicates in relation to the venue of the commitment,” added Ferreira.


Although the first step will be to defeat the Cali America To continue advancing in the international competition, the director of Alianza Football Club He emphasized that they will request a new visit from Conmebol to study the progress of the grass and finally be able to name Valledupar as the headquarters.

“The most important thing here is to recover the grass, although that takes time; Plants are not born overnight. Once we consider that the grass is fully recovered, we will request a new visit from Conmebol specifically to review the grass and we would achieve that if we advance to the next round of the Copa Sudamericana,” he pointed out.

If they do not advance to the next phase of the competition, they will still request a review taking into account that the consolidation of the team in Valledupar is planned: “If we do not move forward, we will request a visit to Conmebol so that they can carry out a new inspection and be able to have the stadium certified for future events,” he explained.

Alianza Football Club continues its preparation stage for the next match, which will be as a visitor against Boyacá Chicó FCa commitment that will take place on Monday, February 19 at 6 pm, subsequently, the Vallenato team will return to the city to play against Deportivo Independiente Medellín on Saturday, February 24 starting at 6:10 in the afternoon.

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