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While Trump may ramble, we have to take him seriously | Opinions | .a week

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While Trump may ramble, we have to take him seriously |  Opinions |  .a week

in the context, trump was creating the idea that he was actually saving NATO with his uncompromising and fair demand “everyone must pay”. He also boasted that his confrontational rhetoric is paying off, otherwise the Allies would never pay their agreed contributions. Someone can truthfully point out that the European allies more or less caused this to themselves.

Certainly, the problem of insufficient contribution to the common defense budget is real. And it must be dealt with. However, it cannot be solved by the fact that Trump is harming with his outputs the very alliance obligations, the disrespect of which he reproaches the European allies. The most polite thing that could be said about such an approach is that it is an obvious contradiction. And so one has to dig deeper to discover Trump’s true motives, at least if those motives are to be consistent.

If Trump were to simply accuse European allies of not fulfilling agreed financial obligations, it would not be anything scandalous. He would have the right to say it harshly or sarcastically. But he did something else. He effectively encouraged common enemies who today can really think they can afford – to quote exactly: “whatever the hell they want to”. That he didn’t want to say this? But he said it. That’s how it will be read, intention — not intention. Questioning allied commitments is not only questioning the meaning of NATO’s existence today. It is also a kick to the security interests of the USA itself. It sends a signal to any scoundrel on the globe that they can interpret as an opportunity to try some crazy adventure, thinking that the allied obligations will not be activated against them, since … since, for example, someone here is not happy with the state of the accounts; or because, for America, allied commitments no longer seem to be what they used to be.

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