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Who agrees with the lockdown only for the unvaccinated? The front of the presidents in the government: “We do like Austria, it is not right to close for everyone”

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Phone call and agreement between president Fedriga and the governor of Liguria. Zaia is perplexed

UDINE. A transversal front, made up above all of regional governors and administrators, is now publicly discussing whether it is not appropriate to impose restrictions only on the unvaccinated – in the dramatic eventuality, and for now not on the agenda at Palazzo Chigi, of new lockdown.

The most explicit to say it was curiously a Northern League governor, Massimiliano Fedriga, president of Friuli Venezia Giulia, who in Trieste has the problem of one of the most tenacious No Green Pass enclaves, perhaps the Italian leader, also from the point of view of the following contagions. Fedriga explains in no uncertain terms: “First of all I hope that there will be no new closures, then I only said that if there are colors that will lead to closures, therefore beyond the yellow zone, I think that the price of these closures cannot be paid. the vaccinated and I repeat it ». Translated, in the case of the orange zone “there would be enormous damage to the economy and to the business sectors that have beaten and fought the crisis and we cannot afford this”. A kind of “de facto lockdown” limited to the unvaccinated, as in Austria, had been the question of journalists. And Fedriga replied as he replied.


His colleague in Liguria, the governor Giovanni Toti, is saying something more in these hours: that the governors intend to talk about it at the table with Mario Draghi. A sign that the hypothesis is no longer so strange, and they want to put it, at least as a case of school: “We will ask the government as Regions that the restrictive measures linked to color bands apply to people who have not had the vaccine, not for the people who have done it correctly, ”said Toti. They tell of a phone call and a very strong axis between him and Fedriga, who is also president of the Conference of the Regions. The Friulian governor has in turn always been seen, within the League, as one of the closest to his historical friend, Matteo Salvini, but capable of an excellent dialogue with his colleague Luca Zaia. In other words, this time the idea of ​​making the two souls of the Carroccio discuss very civilly.

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“If anyone has to be convinced it is those who have not been vaccinated,” Toti explains now. “The measures that must be taken must be taken only for the unvaccinated, certainly not for those who have fully done their duty.” The dem governor of Emilia, Stefano Bonaccini, is not so misaligned by this type of concern. If it closes, it is the end, first of all for the companies of the north. And therefore, when asked on TV how he would judge an Austrian lockdown, Bonaccini did not close the door at all: “I don’t know, we should discuss it.” Of course he was cautious, but he did not say no (albeit setting this priority: “In the meantime, I think that the first thing to do is to continue with vaccinations: Italy, which was being a bit teased, is an example for number of vaccinated persons’).

Those who are not convinced remain precisely Luca Zaia, and without him it is difficult to move the front of the Regions compactly: “We do not have any lockdown in mind for those who are not vaccinated,” he explained yesterday. By arguing that “my considerations, in Italy, also concern the Constitution, this type of lockdown seems to me difficult to apply”. Moreover, everyone, starting with Toti, knows that it would not be easy to implement such measures. But it is undeniable that, pressed by the productive forces who fear another hallucinating winter, the topic is no longer a taboo, neither legal nor political, especially as some Laender such as Saxony are looking for their way towards restrictions limited only to no vax. hard and pure.


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