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Who is Germán Bahamón, an engineer aspiring to the Federation of Coffee Growers?

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Who is Germán Bahamón, an engineer aspiring to the Federation of Coffee Growers?

German Bahamon, is an agro-industrial engineer from Huila, one of the most productive coffee regions, knowledgeable about the coffee challenges in the regions and more than twenty years managing some of the most important multinationals in the world: Sony and Apple; achieving the success never achieved by this multinational, in Latin America.

Bahamón was born in Huila, and has extensive experience in the mass consumption industry. He was involved with the public sector and was also a candidate to lead the Mayor of Neiva and member of the board of directors of Camacol Huila.

Bahamon is industrial engineer graduated from the University of La Sabanawith master’s degrees in Marketing and completed the Marketing Executive Program, Strategic Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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He was CEO of the Bogotá City Hall Popular Housing Funda position he held for two years, specifically between February 2016 and January 2018. It is not a minor thing that he is a native of the department of Huila, the largest coffee producer in Colombia, but apart from that he is a coffee grower at the service of coffee growers.

German Bahamon. does it have coffee origin?

Of the shortlist, who aspires to lead the most important agricultural union in Colombia, It is the only one that is part of the coffee sector by family tradition:

“I am a third generation coffee grower, my grandfather Julio Bahamon Puyo was a pioneer of coffee growing in Huila. After learning from my father, today I am a coffee grower who lives each step with a lot of passion: I grow coffee, I do the whole process of the transformation chain on my farm until it is threshed.We even have roasting on the farm for small batches and we sell our own coffee that has the name of the village closest to the farm, Zuluaga Coffee, but I’m not stopping there, we have a physical store with a barista to provide the complete experience. So my relationship with coffee is the most intimate, since I am part of those 540,000 coffee-growing families,” says Germán Bahamón.

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Bahamón could bring to the national federation of coffee growers a great sense of belonging, since he considers that the main challenge in the federation is consolidate Unity as a guarantee of strength to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Just someone who doesn’t divide, with proven management experience and knowledge from the field, and even international markets.

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“I can offer these guarantees to coffee families and lead an organization as important as the FNC. I believe that we must invest decisively in the young people who come from the coffee-growing regions. It is only by supporting their development, educating them so that they want to stay in the field, and promoting their development as people and as professionals that we will return the interest of the new generations to the coffee plantation to work for it.

He says that he will deepen the training schools, and make the University of Coffee a reality. “Just think of the hundred agronomists that coffee farming has, the thousands of workers in Juan Valdez stores around the world, the world of cupping, barista, and roasting”. Says the coffee maker.

In her hands, she adds, is the responsibility of restoring dignity to women and young people and awakening the pride of work in the fields. “We have the highest quality coffee in the world, and we can never lose sight of that.”

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Bahamón emphasizes that the price is always tied to the qualityand quality is the only thing that protects our coffee growing and emphasizes that it is important to support the industrialization of coffee growing from the regions and maximize our Juan Valdez retail chain.

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Bahamon has Specific experience in developing retail development strategy. It stands out that it will work with all the players in industry and commerce, and will strengthen the commitment to participate in the entire chain. He adds that he will think big with the BUENCAFE freeze-dried coffee factory“it is a sleeping giant and its industrial development is essential to meet national and international demand”

“I am an Agroindustrial Production engineer and I know what I am saying. Only taking care of our Café de Colombia brand, through its quality premium and actively participating in the entire coffee value chainwe will be able to minimize the impact for coffee growers due to price volatility in the commodity market,” the businessman pointed out.

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