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Who is Zhang Hezi’s more than 30 nucleic acid testing institutions attracting attention | Gansu Province | Lanzhou City | Health Code

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Who is Zhang Hezi’s more than 30 nucleic acid testing institutions attracting attention | Gansu Province | Lanzhou City | Health Code

[The Epoch Times, November 28, 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) Recently, another nucleic acid testing institution in China was dealt with. The actual controller behind the agency is Zhang Hezi, who owns more than 30 related agencies across the country. Zhang Hezi and Zhang Shanshan became hot topics on Weibo.

Due to the fact that the health code of the infected person waiting to be transferred was negative for nucleic acid, on November 25, the Lanzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission of Gansu Province issued a notice to deal with the Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi Laboratory. According to the report, the Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi Laboratory received the nucleic acid test samples, and at about 18:00 on November 23, the information of those with abnormal test results was pushed to the Joint Defense Office of Qilihe District, and the District Joint Defense Office notified the community to inform relevant personnel to wait for transshipment . At about 1 o’clock on November 24, the staff of Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi Laboratory mistakenly entered the list of individuals with abnormal nucleic acid tests into the negative personnel information package, and uploaded it to the work system, resulting in the transfer of negative residents.

Judging from the notification, this error was caused by a mistake by the nucleic acid testing sample agency. As for how to “seriously deal with it”, the report did not explain.

On November 26th, the entire Internet was looking for who Zhang Shanshan was, and this topic became a hot search topic, with more than one billion views. The most widely circulated statement on the Internet is that Zhang Shanshan’s father is Zhang Hezi and her mother is Ba Ying. Both of them graduated from China Medical University. At the same time, “the actual controller of a nucleic acid company registered 16 nucleic acid institutions this year” has become a topic of concern.

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According to a report by “First Finance and Economics” on the 27th, the involved Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi Medical Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. was registered on August 8, 2022, and is affiliated to Shenzhen Nuclear Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nucleic Gene”). a wholly owned subsidiary of the latter. The actual controller of Shenzhen Nuclear Gene is Zhang Hezi, who holds 64.74% of the company’s shares.

According to the Qichacha App, there are more than 30 “Nuclear Huaxi Medical Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “Nuclear Huaxi”) in mainland China. Nuclei, but the legal persons are different, and Zhang Shanshan served as the supervisor of 19 of them. In addition to the “nuclear Huaxi” in various places, Shenzhen “nucleo gene” also owns a number of gene and biological companies, with a total of 69 wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Statistics show that at present, Nucleo Gene has registered 16 “nucleo Huaxi” companies in 2022 alone, and most of the registration time is concentrated in the past three months. Among them, Xining Company was registered in November; 8 companies in Zhuhai, Quanzhou, Xiamen, Yinchuan, Taiyuan, Qingdao, Dalian, and Haikou were registered in batches in October; Beijing “Hezi Huaxi” Future Medical Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. was registered in September And Guizhou company, registered Lanzhou company in August; registered Inner Mongolia company in May.

“Nucleo Gene” also registered the Hefei Company, Nanning Company and Yunnan Company of “Nuclear Huaxi” through its 100%-owned “Hefei, Nanning, and Yunnan “Nucleo Gene” Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition, “Nucleo Gene” also renamed some existing subsidiaries as “Nucleo Huaxi”. On September 27 this year, Harbin Huashi “Nuclear Gene” was renamed Harbin “Nuclear Huaxi” Inspection Co., Ltd.; on August 8, Shenzhen “Nuclear Gene” also changed the name of Suzhou Heyan Medical Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd. to Suzhou “Hezi Huaxi” Medical Testing Laboratory Co., Ltd., and added “inspection and testing services” to its business scope.

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Netizens hotly commented, “Only when you can get the order and get the money back can you be sure to open so many companies. This is a man with good eyesight!” “The background behind the establishment of so many nucleic acid testing companies in such a short period of time How terrible is it? How terrible is this profit? It can make them so frenzied and make money for the country.” “How can they take on a big job when they are just established?” “Just check and win the bid.” “No nucleic acid and no epidemic, since After the nucleic acid was available, it never stopped. Who handed over this business to a private person?”

An article published by NetEase titled “Is it a mistake to transfer people with positive nucleic acids in Lanzhou to negative nucleic acids?” said that as long as the policy of doing nucleic acid is in place, nucleic acid laboratories can always make money. This is their profit model. When the laboratory gives wrong results, if the people don’t investigate and the officials don’t raise it, then the falsification will be easily concealed.

(webpage Screenshot)

(webpage Screenshot)

In addition to the investigation of the “Nuclear Huaxi” laboratory in Lanzhou, on September 24 this year, the Shijiazhuang City Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province issued a notice stating that the “Shijiazhuang Hehe Medical Testing Laboratory” conducted a nucleic acid test on the Sunshine 361 Community in Yuhua District on September 14. A positive sample of a 20:1 mixed tube was not reported, resulting in the failure of relevant personnel to be controlled in time, resulting in community transmission on September 21. The laboratory is suspected of illegal crimes, and the Shijiazhuang police have filed a case for investigation.

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Shijiazhuang Hehe Medical Laboratory is 100% controlled by Beijing Hehe Medical Diagnostic Technology Co., Ltd. The ultimate actual controller of Beijing Hehe Medical Diagnostic Technology Co., Ltd. is Li Longjiang.

According to public information, Beijing Hehe Medical Diagnostic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2010. It is a national high-tech enterprise and currently has 21 subsidiaries and branches across the country. In 2010, approved by the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, it obtained the “For-profit Medical Institution Practice License”. Its main business is to cooperate with major hospitals across the country to provide third-party inspection and clinical research services for clinical practice.

Some netizens said, “There is almost no nucleic acid testing company that does not have problems, otherwise it will not be able to complete the task and make money. A city with millions or tens of millions of people will have nucleic acid testing for all employees in three days and three rounds. Calculate how many testing equipment there are. Is there enough time?” Some netizens said: “The blame that cannot be cleared has been kicked to the nucleic acid company.”

In July this year, according to incomplete statistics from Sino-Singapore Jingwei, 250 nucleic acid testing institutions were ordered to rectify, and another 26 institutions were ordered to suspend their nucleic acid testing business. Current affairs commentator Yokogawa previously stated in the “Yokogawa Viewpoint” program that the Beijing authorities are now dealing with these nucleic acid testing institutions in a high-profile manner, as if they have dealt with these institutions, and public grievances have been resolved.

Yokogawa believes that nucleic acid testing for all employees is one of the two pillars of the CCP’s zero-clearing policy, the other being the closure of the city.

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