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Who owns Bachoco and how much money does he make per year?

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Who owns Bachoco and how much money does he make per year?

Industrias Bachoco: a Mexican poultry giant with global reach

Founded in 1952 in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Industrias Bachoco has grown to become one of the main companies in the food sector in Mexico and the sixth largest producer of chicken meat worldwide. In addition to marketing eggs and pork, the company is projected to leave profits of almost 10 billion pesos in 2022.

The company was originally established by the Bours family, who installed a farm with a capacity of one thousand birds. Over the years, it expanded its operations and in 1997, it became public when it was listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and the New York Stock Exchange, while the Robinson Bours family maintained 95% of the shares.

The main shareholders of Bachoco are Francisco Javier Robinson Bours Castelo, Arturo Bours Griffith, Jesús Enrique Robinson Bours Muñoz, José Gerardo Robinson Bours Castelo, Juan Salvador Robinson Bours Martínez, Octavio Robinson Bours, and José Francisco Bours Griffith.

Although the company has a strong presence in the food sector, the Bours family also has investments in telecommunications, owning Megacable. According to the Forbes list, the Robinson Bours family is ranked 12th among the richest in Mexico, with an estimated fortune of 3,620 million dollars.

In April 2023, the Board of Directors announced their intention to exit the stock market, with the securities returning to the founders of the company. Bachoco has more than a thousand facilities organized in nine production complexes in Mexico and one production complex in the United States, generating over 29 thousand direct jobs.

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The company has been recognized for its financial strength, with ratings such as “AAA” from Fitch México and “HRAAA” from HR Ratings of Mexico, indicating the highest credit quality.

The corporate offices of Bachoco are located in Celaya, Guanajuato in Mexico. Its main business line is poultry, but it also has other business lines, such as the production and marketing of live pigs, value-added turkey and beef products, as well as the production of balanced feed for other poultry and livestock producers.

On a somber note, the industry recently experienced the loss of its founder, Enrique Robinson Bours, who passed away in August 2020 at the age of 93. A visionary leader, Robinson Bours was instrumental in establishing and expanding Bachoco’s operations over the years. After his passing, Francisco Robinson Bours Castelo, 68 years old, now holds the position of president in both Bachoco and Megacable.

The legacy of Bachoco continues to thrive in the contemporary business landscape as it remains a dominant force in the Mexican food sector and a key player in the global poultry industry. With its rich history and vision for the future, the company looks set to maintain its position as a leader in the years to come.

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