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Why did the nine-seater car get on the bridge after being listed and supervised? Is the hidden danger rectification in place? Is the pontoon really safe?

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Why did the nine-seater car get on the bridge after being listed and supervised? Is the hidden danger rectification in place? Is the pontoon really safe?

Legal Daily reporter Liu Huan Liu Zhiyue

Intern Yi Jiaxin

On May 16, in Shiziguan Scenic Area, Zhushan Town, Xuan’en County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province, a black vehicle broke through the guardrail and fell into the water while passing the Internet celebrity floating bridge, which aroused widespread concern in the society.

On the night of the incident, the Xuanen County Government Information Office issued a notice stating that a commercial vehicle fell into the water from a pontoon in the Shiziguan Scenic Area of ​​Zhushan Township, Xuanen County. There were 8 people on board, 3 escaped from danger, and 5 people were searched and rescued. die. At present, the scenic spot has been suspended for business, and the aftermath and accident investigation are being carried out in an orderly manner.

On the morning of May 17, a reporter from the “Rule of Law Daily” dialed the phone number of Shiziguan scenic spot. The staff of the scenic spot said that they are fully cooperating with the police investigation and actively doing a good job in the aftermath. The follow-up opening time will be notified separately.

The cause of the pontoon bridge crash is still under investigation, but the reporter found that there are at least three major questions to be answered regarding the safety management of the scenic spot.

Why do nine-seater cars get on the bridge if they are limited to seven seats or less?

The pontoon bridge involved is called “The Bridge of Madison County”, and it is a key tourism project recommended by Shiziguan Scenic Area.

According to the official website of the scenic spot, the pontoon bridge is 400 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and can accommodate 10,000 people walking on it at the same time.

During the May Day holiday this year, Mr. Shen, a citizen of Wuhan, Hubei, came here admiringly to visit the Shiziguan Scenic Area. “There is no separate charge for the pontoon bridge, as long as you buy a ticket, you can drive to play, and the traffic flow has not been small.” During the peak season, the pontoon bridge is full of vehicles, one next to the other, resulting in flooding on the bridge deck and making it difficult to drive.

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Before driving across the bridge, Mr. Shen also noticed that there was a warning sign at the entrance of the pontoon bridge, which said “vehicles with seven seats or less on the pontoon bridge are restricted”, “reverse traffic is not allowed”, and “speed limit is 20 yards”. stop reminding.

It is worth noting that the vehicle that fell into the bridge accident was a nine-seater commercial vehicle.

Ms. Li is a native of Enshi and has visited the scenic spot. According to her recollection, before she drove onto the pontoon, the staff repeatedly emphasized that the windows must be opened and the driver must pass slowly. Moreover, there are many speed bumps on the pontoon bridge, with relatively short guardrails on both sides, and a signboard with “20 yards speed limit” on the side of the road.

However, she found on the pontoon bridge that some tourists drove fast on the bridge, which made her feel a little scared, “How dare everyone drive so fast”.

Ms. Li noticed that although there were security personnel in the scenic area at the entrance of the pontoon bridge, there was no manned rescue point in the middle of the pontoon bridge at that time, and no one was on duty at the exit of the pontoon bridge.

The video of the car crash posted on the Internet showed that the black commercial vehicle caused layers of waves when it passed the pontoon bridge, and the tires of the vehicle slipped while driving, and then broke through the guardrail and fell into the water.

Is the pontoon bridge that claims to be able to pass tanks really safe?

The floating bridge involved in the incident is also famous for being “the most beautiful floating bridge in Hubei”.

According to public information, a video platform account named “Shanghai Qihua Water Project” once released a short video of “China’s most beautiful online celebrity pontoon bridge Hubei Enshi Shiziguan Grand Canyon car-only pontoon bridge (water depth 60 meters)”.

According to the content of the video, cars can float on the bridge: “When the car drives over this pontoon bridge created by the locals, it drives on a green emerald river. The water ripples clear the way, and the left and right handrails move up and down in wavy lines. , There is a magical feeling of traveling through time and space.”

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The reporter found that the above video had been deleted on the afternoon of May 17. According to public information, Shanghai Qihua Water Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is the builder of the pontoon bridge.

The reporter dialed the phone number of the company hoping to interview the safety issues of the pontoon bridge, but was rejected by the other party.

According to public information, in March this year, the person in charge of Shiziguan Scenic Area said in an interview with the media: “The pontoon itself is a German technology, used for tanks. It has never had an accident since it was put into use in 2016.”

However, safety controversies about the pontoon have persisted.

According to the official website of the Enshi Prefecture Government, in August 2019, there were frequent local heavy rains. To ensure safety, the governments of Xuanen County and Zhushan Town jointly formed an inspection team with relevant departments to carry out inspections of the Shiziguan tourist scenic spot and Chedongping tourist scenic spot in the jurisdiction. 4-day security check. After the inspection team conducted an investigation of potential safety hazards in the Shiziguan Scenic Area, it issued an order to rectify and reform within a time limit. These include that the rafting safety facilities in the scenic spot are not in place, and the pontoon bridge has not been approved for safety. The rafting project is ordered to stop operation immediately, and the pontoon bridge is immediately prohibited from passing vehicles.

Since the beginning of this year, the floating bridge has adjusted its opening plan several times due to weather reasons.

On March 7 this year, the WeChat official account of Shiziguan Scenic Area published an article saying that due to weather, the water level in the scenic area dropped, and all self-driving vehicles could not pass the pontoon bridge. On April 23, the scenic spot published an article again saying that due to the weather, the water level in the scenic spot has risen, and the self-driving route for individual tourists has been adjusted to “operate only the floating bridge loop”.

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Whether the hidden danger rectification is in place after listing supervision

Due to the existence of major hidden dangers, Shiziguan Scenic Area was once listed for supervision.

The official website of the Enshi Prefecture Emergency Management Bureau shows that since 2019, the State Safety Production Committee has listed and supervised a number of major hidden dangers discovered in the state-wide safety production supervision and inspection, and Shiziguan Scenic Area is one of them.

There are five main safety hazards and problems in the scenic spot: emergency life-saving equipment such as lifebuoys are not equipped along the pontoon bridge; the inspection of 4 battery sightseeing cars has expired; There are many pumice stones on the wall; the 380V power distribution cabinet does not form a fireproof separation from the ticket hall.

In July 2020, Shiziguan Scenic Spot was rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction. The WeChat official account of the scenic spot once posted that the Shiziguan scenic spot passed the landscape quality review in June 2018. After two years of rectification and creation, the environmental quality and service quality of the scenic spot have been greatly improved.

In April 2021, the Office of the Enshi Prefecture Safety Production Committee issued a notice stating that the Office of the Enshi Prefecture Safety Committee conducted spot checks and acceptance of some hidden dangers. List of sales numbers. On April 22 of the same year, the Shiziguan Scenic Area was closed to upgrade the scenic spot, and reopened a week later.

On April 28 this year, the deputy governor of Enshi Prefecture led a team to conduct a safety inspection of special equipment in Shiziguan Scenic Area, urging and guiding enterprises to improve management and maintenance work, requiring enterprises to enhance their awareness of special equipment safety responsibilities, and actively carry out self-examination and investigation of hidden dangers to prevent safety hazards. Accidents happen.

The safety check has not gone far, and the tragedy has happened.

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