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Widespread hospitality: 15 million euros to recover abandoned buildings

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Widespread hospitality: 15 million euros to recover abandoned buildings

The intervention is part of the “deferrable” Olympic works. The redevelopment of the ice stadium will cost 6 million

CORTINA. Do you remember the controversy over the Olympic village of Fiames, with a thousand beds, and the request that hospitality be widespread throughout the area? Maybe by regenerating unused, abandoned structures, in short, to be recovered? Here, among the “essential” Olympic works, even if they cannot be deferred, that is, to be completed before February 2026, there is also the recovery of some buildings of municipal property that have been disused as a service, but not in alienation. In short, environments to be regenerated and used, perhaps, as a guesthouse or widespread hospitality.

«It is our proposal», the city planning councilor of the Municipality of Cortina claims, Giorgio Da Rin, «that we submitted to the managing director Luigi Valerio Sant’Andrea and which was accepted by him. And transmitted to the Veneto Region. Region that included it in the plan of the works. Of course we hope it can materialize by 2026. Or immediately thereafter. It is part of that Olympic heritage in which we have invested a lot ».

The 15 million euro project is still on paper, in the sense that it has matured over the last few weeks. Councilor Da Rin immediately states that the initiative is not going to replace or integrate the Olympic village. He has nothing to do with this spending commitment. Indeed, in this regard Da Rin specifies that little or nothing is known about the village and its restructuring, in the sense that – he specifies – it has not yet been decided how much of the plant is destined to remain to be made available to the community and how much, instead , it will be temporary. “We, therefore, rely precisely on this legacy,” explains Da Rin.

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The list of works also includes the renovation of the Olympic Ice Stadium. It was renovated between 2007 and 2009 by the Carron company with a significant intervention that extended over an area of ​​7000 square meters and led to having a structure no longer outdoors, but an indoor stadium. «Now it is a question of adapting it to the Olympic and above all Paralympic needs of 2026, because right here», explains Da Rin, «the competitions will be held. For training, on the other hand, we will build support systems from scratch, just outside, through the financing of the Border Funds ».

The investment exclusively for the stadium will be 6 million euros. The works at the Olimpico are obviously to be completed within two and a half years, in time for the pre-Olympics.

The connection from the Center with Socrepes belongs to the area of ​​the works that can see the light even after the Games. «In the 95 million euros, with the most consistent part of project financing», concludes the commissioner Giorgio Da Rin, «the car park with 850 spaces, the cable car and the tunnel towards the Faloria starting point are included. It would be desirable for some steps to be taken already for the Games ».

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