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Will a new wave of deadlier epidemics hit the world economy again? | CCP Virus | New Crown Epidemic | COVID-19 | China Epidemic | Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Warning |

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Will a new wave of deadlier epidemics hit the world economy again? | CCP Virus | New Crown Epidemic | COVID-19 | China Epidemic | Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Warning |

[Voice of Hope, May 26, 2023](Reported by our reporters Wang Qian and Li Hui) The CCP virus epidemic in China continues to heat up again. The Beijing Health Commission recommends wearing masks, and universities in many places hold special conferences on the second wave of epidemic prevention and control. Bill Gates said that in addition to causing countless deaths, the new crown (CCP virus) epidemic has also severely damaged the world economy.

On May 24, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission released the “Weekly Epidemic Report for the 20th Week of 2023”. The report shows that the city has reported a total of 25,544 cases of 14 kinds of notifiable infectious diseases, and 1 death. Among them, the number of cases of CCP virus (new coronavirus) infection in the city has been ranked first for four consecutive weeks.

The Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission also recommends that citizens wear masks when taking public transportation, or when entering a closed environment and crowded places; when touching express delivery, elevator buttons, door handles, etc., they should wash their hands or disinfect their hands in time, and are required not to wear masks. Sick to work, go to school.

Some sub-district offices in Beijing issued notices to residents in their jurisdictions, advising residents to prepare some anti-epidemic materials in advance.

Universities in many places held special conferences on the prevention and control of the second wave of epidemics.

On May 19, Sichuan Industrial and Commercial College held a special meeting on epidemic prevention and control. According to the meeting, since April, the fever cases of teachers and students in the school have fluctuated, and the overall increase has increased. It is also recommended that teachers and students minimize going out, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and do not go to work or study while sick.

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On May 24, Liaoning University of Science and Technology held a meeting of the leading group for responding to the epidemic. The meeting stated that we should do a good job in the prevention and control of the second wave of epidemics, and prevent large-scale campus clusters of epidemics from occurring.

On the morning of May 24, Zhejiang College of Tongji University held a sand table deduction meeting to deal with the second wave of the new crown epidemic. The school recommends insisting on wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilating more, and doing a good job in campus disinfection.

On May 24, the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education issued the “Shaanxi Provincial School Public Health Emergency No. 3 Early Warning in 2023″, stating that the positive detection rate of nucleic acid and fever clinics have increased recently, and the overall epidemic situation has risen The new coronavirus infection was once again listed as an event of special concern.

Fei Liangyong, the convener of the Front for a Democratic China living in Germany and the former chairman of the Democratic Front, told Voice of Hope that his brother-in-law in mainland China also had a second pregnancy. “The Spanish flu had repeated several times back then, and the second time the death rate would be even higher. In China, it has been repeated many times. Then the situation in China is different from other countries. The key is that its information is not transparent. Wait until the official announcement Come out, these media follow, it means that it has reached an extremely bad situation.”

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CCP Queen’s expert Zhong Nanshan said at a meeting recently that the second wave of the epidemic will reach its peak at the end of June, with an average of about 65 million people infected every week. The main strain is the CCP virus variant Omicron variant XBB.

Masks have become “standard equipment” for the recent CCP high-level trips, including Xi Jinping and his party’s inspection of the Xiong’an New Area, Xi’an Central Asia Summit, etc.

WHO Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned on the 22nd that the world must prepare for the next wave of the pandemic, saying that future outbreaks could be “more deadly” than the new coronavirus.

On the 26th, Microsoft founder Bill Gates delivered a video speech at the “2023 Zhongguancun Forum” held in Beijing. The economic damage caused by the new crown epidemic is expected to exceed US$14 trillion by 2024.

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