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Will Amaya be a candidate for the governorship of Boyacá again?

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Will Amaya be a candidate for the governorship of Boyacá again?

On January 20, most of the parties that are part of the Historical Pact announced Giovany Pinzón as their sole candidate for governor of Boyacá. In this way, another of the letters begins to be uncovered in this department, which also has strong candidates with deep roots in the region.

In an official act at the headquarters of the government party, the Patriotic Union, the Democratic Pole, Convite Social, MAIS, Citizen Power, the Labor Party, the Progressive Social Force and the Democratic Unity endorsed Pinzón.

“We are going to win together, to govern together and to change this department together. Boyacá needs a breather and a new direction, where the objective is to transform the reality of the people of Boyacá into development and equal opportunities for all,” Pinzón indicated during his speech, in which he accepted the candidacy for the governorship of Boyacá for the period 2024. -2027.

Pinzón was a candidate for governor of this department with an electoral result of more than 36,000 votes and a candidate for the House of Representatives for the Historical Pact with 21,000 votes.

Likewise, Senator César Pachón, of the Historical Pact, warned that the “rumors that indicate that in Boyacá the sole candidate of the Pact for the election of governor has already been elected are false. The invitation is to open dialogue with all sectors, as indicated by our president”.

And he added: “As long as this process does not take place, a candidate cannot be selected; We are opening the door so that even other sectors that accompanied us, such as some lines of the Liberal, Green party and other sectors, can present their proposals for candidates ”, he emphasized.

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Amaya’s power

Without a doubt, Pinzón enters stomping not only because of the support of eight parties but, as indicated by the people of Boyacá themselves, from various fronts who want a change of air to what could mean three consecutive periods where Carlos Amaya or his allies rule the department.

No one doubts Amaya’s convening power and he could reach the governorship again, now strengthened by his acceptable result of the consultation in the Green Hope Coalition, where he obtained nearly 450,000 votes, surpassing figures of recognized trajectory such as Alejandro Gaviria and Jorge Enrique Robledo.

In the presidential runoff, Amaya decided to support former Bucaramanga mayor Rodolfo Hernández, who at times seemed to have the best chance of becoming Colombia’s new president.

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In its favor, it has a positive image, especially in rural sectors; high credibility, mainly in the province. On their account are, among others, the autonomous corporations, the Government of Boyacá, the Boyacá Development Institute, the Department’s Liquor Store, the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, the Boyacá Lottery and the Boyacá Comptroller’s Office.

However, some media indicate that Amaya is thinking of running for mayor of Bogotá, since the former governor has several allies in the country’s capital, including councilors, deputies from Cundinamarca as well as senators and representatives to the Chamber.

other candidates

The one who was an ally of Amaya and now from the Liberal party wants to govern the people of Boyacá is the former representative to the Chamber Rodrigo Rojas, who said in one of his political excursions through the department: “Eight years ago we made the decision to support a political project who defended some principles and values ​​with which we feel identified and we hope that they were the north that directed the people of Boyacá towards a better future. Today we must recognize that this political project has lost its way and that it is our responsibility to lead the change that allows us to resume the path that has been lost”, clearly referring to Amaya.

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Meanwhile, the spokesmen for the ADA party expressed their desire to support pre-candidate Karol Ramírez in the electoral campaign process.

Tunja City Hall

With the support of Amaya, the engineer John Carrero Villamil is found to be the candidate of the Green Alliance for mayor of Tunja. Carrero comes from being a Tunja councilor for more than two years and apparently his great opponent will be the priest Víctor Leguízamo, from Sandra Ortiz’s rope, who a little more than 20 days ago resigned from the rectory of the Boyacá School to venture into the politics.

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