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Will coalition lists work?

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Will coalition lists work?

Will the coalition lists surprise in the elections for the Cali Council and the Valle del Cauca Assembly?

This question arises as a result of the processes carried out by several small political parties –new or resurrected- in order to add votes that allow them to overcome the thresholds and reach the distribution figures in both corporations.

The idea is a good one and, at least, it will allow parties to get into the fight that, if they presented lists on their own, would not have the slightest option of aspiring to at least one seat.

* * *

However, the coalition formula can not only be useful for parties that are outside the corporations, but also for those that have seats, but need votes to ensure continuity or add to go from one to two seats.

Among the possible coalitions proposed are that of the Democratic Center -which has a seat in the Cali Council and the Valle del Cauca Assembly- with the Nueva Fuerza Democrática, of former President Andrés Pastrana, and Salvación Nacional, of Enrique Gómez, both parties revived…

On the other hand, the new Independent parties, of the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, and En marcha, of former minister Juan Fernando Cristo, have also been in dialogue with Resurgent Colombia – which has a seat in the Cali Council.

The possibility of a coalition between Colombia Justa Libre and Mira has also been raised, which already formed a coalition for the House of Representatives for the Valle constituency in 2022.

* * *

In the case of the Cali Council, for example, political mathematicians calculate that the distribution figure will be between 30,000 and 32,000 votes, a really high figure for a small party, and much more for the new and revived ones, which They do not have electoral structures.

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If any of the coalitions works, it disrupts the accounts of the big parties. In a scenario as tight as the one that is coming, any vote can make a difference.


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