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With a total investment of 83.43 billion yuan, 574 key projects in Shijiazhuang City started construction in the second quarter – Xinhua English.news.cn

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2022-05-24 12:04:59 Source: Shijiazhuang News Network

Talking about heroes with projects, promoting development with projects and striving to achieve “double over half” in the first half of the year

With a total investment of 83.43 billion yuan, 574 projects were started in a centralized manner

Zhang Chaochao announced the start of construction Ma Yujun hosted Li Xuerong and Zhang Ye attended

The total investment was 83.43 billion yuan, and 574 projects were started. In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee, earnestly implement the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to promote better and faster development of the provincial capital, insist on using projects as heroes and projects to promote development, and further set off the expansion of investment, With the boom in the project, we are striving to achieve the goal of “double over half” in the first half of the year. On May 23, our city will hold a centralized start-up activity for key projects in the second quarter of 2022. Zhang Chaochao, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, announced the start of construction. Ma Yujun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the meeting. Li Xuerong, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and Zhang Ye, Chairman of the CPPCC, attended.

Zhang Chaochao and his entourage first inspected the city’s key project displays and product displays in the second quarter of 2022, and listened to the report on the start of construction. He pointed out that 2022 is the year when the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held, and it is also the year when the city’s economic aggregate exceeds one trillion yuan and the support and key year for overtaking on curves. We must improve our political position, deeply grasp the supporting role of project construction in high-quality development, enhance the sense of responsibility, urgency and crisis, consolidate and expand the good development momentum this year, accelerate project construction, and ensure the realization of “double over half” in the first half of the year. ”, to successfully complete or overfulfill the annual target tasks, and make greater contributions to the overall development of the province. It is necessary to strengthen the concept of time and the awareness of efficiency, and push forward the various tasks as much as possible to ensure the formation of more investment and physical quantities. It is necessary to do a good job in the construction of the park without slackening, reasonably reduce the cost of industrial land, ensure the protection of water, electricity, air and information elements, and create a low-cost park with strong supporting service capabilities, so that enterprises can go into battle lightly; it is necessary to vigorously optimize the business environment and enhance services. Enterprise development and project construction of the “shop second” awareness, comprehensively improve the efficiency of government services, do everything possible to relieve difficulties for enterprises, and continuously stimulate the vitality of market players. It is necessary to coordinate normalized epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and resolutely ensure that the epidemic must be prevented, the economy must be stabilized, and development must be safe.

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Ma Yujun pointed out that project construction is the foundation of development, the foundation of a strong city, and the source of enriching the people. In the second quarter, our city held a concentrated start-up activity for key projects, which is to establish a clear direction for focusing on major projects and grasping major projects, to release a strong signal that we will not relax our goals and focus on development, and promote the rapid acceleration of project construction and economic development. The standard is completed with “double over half”, to ensure the realization of “annual red”, and to welcome the victory of the party’s 20th National Congress with excellent results.

Li Keliang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, reported the completion of the city’s major economic indicators from January to April, the progress of key projects and the concentrated start of this project. The report pointed out that through the joint efforts of the whole city, from January to April, the city’s economic operation continued to show steady growth and progress, and the main indicators continued to grow well in the first quarter. Among them, investment in fixed assets increased by 22%, ranking first in the province; industrial added value increased by 11.2%, ranking first in the province; general public budget revenue reached 24.16 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3%, ranking first in the province 3. The retail sales of consumer goods of the upper limit enterprises reached 31.56 billion yuan, an increase of 18.9%, ranking first in the province; the actual utilization of foreign capital was 520 million US dollars, an increase of 34.3%, and the total amount was the third in the province, and the growth rate was the first in the province.

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It is reported that this year, the city has arranged a total of 462 provincial and municipal key projects with a total investment of 317.25 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of more than 110 billion yuan. As of the end of April, a total investment of 56.64 billion yuan had been completed, accounting for 51.2% of the annual target, and the task of “double over half” was completed ahead of schedule.

It is reported that in the second quarter, the city started 574 projects with a total investment of 83.43 billion yuan, including 358 industrial projects and 275 industrial projects. From the perspective of the counties (cities, districts), the number of concentrated construction projects in descending order is: Gaocheng District 48, Luquan District 47, High-tech Zone 42, Zhaoxian and Luancheng both 35, Zhengding 32 counties, 28 in Shenze County, 27 in Xinle City, 26 in Pingshan County, Jinzhou City and Wuji County, 25 in Recycling Chemical Park, 24 in Yuanshi County and Zanhuang County, and 24 in Jingxing County 23 items, 22 items in Xingtang County, 21 items in mining area and Gaoyi County, 14 items in Lingshou County, and 7 items in Xinhua District, Chang’an District, Qiaoxi District and Yuhua District. Project investment in descending order is: Luquan District 10.51 billion yuan, Gaocheng District 8.79 billion yuan, Xinhua District 6.33 billion yuan, Yuanshi County 4.77 billion yuan, Chang’an District 4.50 billion yuan, Qiaoxi District 4.39 billion yuan, Pingshan County 4.01 billion yuan 100 million yuan, Zhengding County 3.25 billion yuan, Lingshou County 3.03 billion yuan, Xingtang County 2.96 billion yuan, High-tech Zone 2.95 billion yuan, Jingxing County 2.93 billion yuan, Shenze County 2.92 billion yuan, Jinzhou City 2.86 billion yuan, Zhao County 2.72 billion yuan, Luancheng District 2.66 billion yuan, Xinle City 2.41 billion yuan, Wuji County 2.40 billion yuan, mining area 2.26 billion yuan, Gaoyi County 2.05 billion yuan, Zanhuang County 1.63 billion yuan, Yuhua District 1.62 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan in recycling chemical park.

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This project focused on the start-up activities. The main venue was set up at the project site of Hebei Longhai Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Gaocheng District. City leaders Liu Junzhi, Wang Junhong, Zhan Peng, etc., comrades in charge of relevant departments in Gaocheng District and the municipality, and some financial institutions in Shishi Attend the event at the main venue or branch venue. Each county (city, district) has set up branch venues, and city leaders of Baolian counties (cities, districts) participate in the activities in the branch venues, and interact with the main venue in real time in the form of cloud video connection.

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