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With a total investment of approximately US$2.8 billion, Beijing-Hong Kong industrial cooperation and Fengtai signed large orders

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Beijing-Hong Kong Industrial Cooperation Forum Successfully Held in Hong Kong

The Beijing-Hong Kong Industrial Cooperation Forum and the “Invest in Beijing” special promotion meeting were successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on November 29. The event focused on key cooperation areas and industrial development directions between Beijing and Hong Kong, resulting in the signing of several major projects. Fengtai District, in particular, attracted significant investment interest, with a total of 4 projects being successfully signed, totaling approximately US$2.8 billion in investment.

One of the most noteworthy signed projects is the clean energy base construction projects in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Lancang-Mekong region. This project, which is jointly implemented by Huadian Overseas Investment New Energy Co., Ltd. and China Southern Power Grid Yunnan International, aims to introduce green investment and realize green transformation, bringing new opportunities to the region.

Additionally, Minsheng Education Group Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Fengtai District to invest in the construction of an Internet platform project for the talent digital and intelligent service industry. The company expressed confidence and determination in developing in Fengtai District due to the government’s supportive policies and measures for the introduction of large-scale enterprises and emerging enterprises.

The Beijing-Hong Kong Conference also saw a number of Fengtai enterprises “going out,” showcasing the results of Beijing-Hong Kong cooperation. Yuanxin Technology Group, as China’s first comprehensive medical delivery company focusing on prescription drugs, is currently in the process of Hong Kong stock IPO.

Cui Xulong, member of the Standing Committee of the Fengtai District Committee and deputy district chief, highlighted the district’s efforts to build an industrial collaboration platform for enterprises and promote the coordinated development of industries in the region.

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Fengtai District has introduced a number of high-quality policies focusing on industrial upgrading, technological innovation, open development, and financial services, building an “enterprise full life cycle industrial service system” to expand core industries and enhance endogenous drive.

The district has become increasingly favored by Hong Kong companies, with many Hong Kong-funded enterprises settling in Fengtai. The Fengtai Investment Promotion Center welcomes more Hong Kong companies to enter Fengtai and share in the doubled development dividends.

The successful signing of these projects at the Beijing-Hong Kong Industrial Cooperation Forum demonstrates the strong partnership between Beijing and Hong Kong and the promising opportunities for investment and collaboration in the region.

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