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With the e-bike the vigilante challenges climbs and streets, the novelty in Bollengo

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The Municipality equips the agents with an assisted pedal vehicle “I have a sporting background, so I said to myself: why not?”

BOLLENGO. In Bollengo it may happen to see Marcella Givonetti, municipal police officer, travel along the streets and squares of the town on an e-bike. Yes, because the new velocipede was made available to you by the municipal administration, which in this way has introduced a vehicle into the fleet that not only has the merit of not producing polluting emissions, but is also particularly suitable for the morphology. of the typical territory of the villages at the foot of the Serra, made up of narrow streets and places that are not always easy to reach with traditional vehicles. This pedal assisted vehicle in fact allows the security guard to easily reach even the highest districts in the municipal area to carry out inspections and deliver documents.

Bollengo, the policewoman goes on an e-bike

“My sporting past in my youth persuaded me to make myself available to pedal, above all for the agility with which this vehicle allows you to move along the narrow streets of the town and for the help that the electric propulsion gives me in tackling the climbs », Says the agent after having walked a few laps of the square in front of the town hall. The decision to equip it with an electric bicycle is an expression of the sensitivity of the Bollengo administration towards the ecology and sustainability of the initiatives that impact the territory. The enhancement of the green of the Serra, through the exploitation of its roads and its paths for bicycle routes that favor the development of a “slow tourism”, represents a further goal that the Municipality sets itself. Finally, the example represented by the policewoman is also aimed at young people to stimulate them to a lifestyle that, with the practice of physical activity, favors the maintenance of physical health. A good example, then. He has also been talking about electric bicycles with pedal assistance in Ivrea for a few months, even if the context is different. In this case they are e-bikes that are to be made available to tourists who take part in the city tours scheduled on the first Saturday of the month. The initiative bears the signature of Turismo Torino e provincia with the collaboration of the Municipality of Ivrea. For the moment, beyond the announcements, it has not yet started.

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