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“With the emergency regime, they went too far with many innocent people”: Dina Argueta

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“With the emergency regime, they went too far with many innocent people”: Dina Argueta

This Monday, August 14, the FMLN deputy, Dina Argueta, commented that the Legislative Assembly recently approved with 67 votes, the seventeenth extension of the emergency regime.

For the left-wing parliamentarian “the exception regime is a misapplied measure”because in his opinion, the authorities “they went too far with many innocent people” who was sent to jails.

«The exception regime has been the only public security policy, but there are a series that have come to make visible many effects and collateral damage»said Argueta.

In addition, he assured that “Approximately 7,000 of the people captured during the emergency regime have been released for not being linked to gang groups”.

“Many of these people who have been released have lost their jobs or have had health problems”maintained the parliamentarian from the left.

During the interview, the legislator stressed that “Unlike this government, there were security plans with the FMLN, such as the El Salvador Seguro Plan, which had a prevention plan, but there was a lack of time”.

However, for the Central Government, the El Salvador Seguro Plan “The only thing that worked for was to perfect organized crime”to develop “exclusive programs for gang members” and gave them “funding in exchange for votes”.

According to investigations by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and journalistic publications, they have shown that members of the FMLN —such as Benito Lara and Arístides Valencia— maintained rapprochements with the gangs for the 2014 presidential elections.

Sánchez Cerén was elected president of the republic in those elections.

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Likewise, in March 2012, during the government of the then president and also a Nicaraguan national, Mauricio Funes, there was a truce between the gangs, which was supported by the then Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), José Miguel Insulza.

International media highlight the advances in public security in El Salvador with the Bukele model

The media and international opinion spaces have published news and issued statements in which they recognize the work that the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, develops in matters of public security, in order to guarantee the tranquility of honest Salvadorans.

This compendium of news that attests to the improvements in security has been shared on many occasions by the Salvadoran ruler in his X (Twitter) account, and comes to refute the publications that, loaded with political bias, have denounced the alleged violation of human rights.

These media — from countries and regions such as the United States, China, the Middle East, and Europe — highlight the new security reality in the country, which is reflected in the unprecedented reduction in homicides, the capture of thousands of gang members who years damaged Salvadoran families and control of prisons, previously dominated by gangs.

The Real America Voice, ANN News, Euronews, Mandarin News are some international media that have taken up what is happening in El Salvador; apart from various media in Central America, which echo the results in security.

In the current government, homicides have been reduced, with the implementation of the Territorial Control Plan (PCT) —in force since June 2019— and the exception regime, a constitutional measure approved by the Legislative Assembly on March 27, 2022 and currently in force.

According to the latest figure updated by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, with the exception regime, more than 72,000 gang members have been captured, where vehicles, cell phones and millions in cash that were in the possession of gang structures have been confiscated, as a result of the illegal activities such as robbery and extortion.

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With the PCT and the emergency regime, ringleaders have been captured who have already been transferred to the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism (CECOT), a mega-prison that President Nayib Bukele inaugurated in February in the municipality of Tecoluca, in San Vicente.

According to international media, this security work has guaranteed an unprecedented reduction in murders, a situation that was not possible in previous governments, which ruled the country from 1989 to 2019.

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