Home News With the holiday approaching, consumption picks up and the popularity of business districts rises in many places_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

With the holiday approaching, consumption picks up and the popularity of business districts rises in many places_China Economic Net – National Economic Portal

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The National Day holiday is coming, shopping, tourism, catering and other consumption will usher in the traditional peak season. The State Information Center monitored the traffic data of key business districts in cities and found that many business districts were surging, with more and more popularity and fireworks.

The State Information Center monitored 232 business circles in major cities across the country and found that since September, the overall flow of people in business circles across the country has shown a fluctuating upward trend. From the 15th to the 21st, the flow of people in 232 business districts across the country increased by 4.3% compared with the first week (1-7th). In terms of cities, as the festive season is approaching, the flow of people in the business districts of Sanya, Nanchong, Dalian, Xining, Urumqi, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other cities has recovered to a greater extent compared with the beginning of the month. Data from the State Information Center shows that compared with the beginning of September, the consumption heat index of 14 provinces and cities including Fujian, Liaoning, Shanghai, and Shanxi has risen to varying degrees.

Go shopping in many shopping malls and focus on new products

A time-honored shopping mall in the central business district of Guangzhou has just reopened in the past two days after three months of upgrading.

Chen Yingyan, deputy general manager of a department store in Guangzhou: The National Day Golden Week is coming, and offline consumption is also picking up. Therefore, we must carry out the carnival activities with a new attitude and fully grasp this favorable opportunity.

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In other cities, many shopping malls are also making preparations to open in time for the National Day. A new shopping mall in Wuhan, Hubei province, is busy with renovations.

Zhu Wenhuan, head of a shopping center in Wuhan: Wuhan’s total consumption (retail sales of social consumer goods) is already one of the top ten in the country. That is a very favorable signal.

Going to the market to go to the city theme market is very popular

As the holidays approach and the autumn weather is refreshing, various special themed markets that are held from time to time have also kicked off. At a canal coffee-themed market held in Suzhou, people can appreciate the beauty of the canal and taste the aroma of coffee. In the bustling market, young people are looking for their favorites while sipping coffee. It is understood that in just two days, thousands of people have come to the market to check in and explore.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the service industry resume development

The recovery of consumption is inseparable from the thousands of small, medium and micro enterprises engaged in the life service industry. Data show that with the help of a series of policies, the vitality of small and micro enterprises in the life service category in my country is recovering.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology‘s data monitoring based on related life service e-commerce platforms shows that the national life service industry small and micro enterprise transaction index, which reflects the recovery of life service small and micro enterprises since the epidemic, has risen for four consecutive months, reaching 195.4 in August. The month-on-month and year-on-year increases were 4.16% and 22.4%, respectively.

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Accommodation and tourism consumption show a warming trend

On this platform, which collects the relevant data of millions of small, medium and micro enterprises in the life service category, the operation status of small, medium and micro enterprises in various fields such as catering, leisure and entertainment, and accommodation can be displayed in real time. Whether it is national or provincial data, the recent data on accommodation and tourism have reached a significantly higher peak in July and August.

Various localities take various measures to help SMEs in the service industry recover and develop

Since the beginning of this year, various localities have introduced specific implementation measures and measures to help small, medium and micro enterprises in the service industry strengthen their confidence and recover steadily. Many places in Henan have recently carried out surrounding tours, outings, rural tours, and urban leisure tours, boosting the recovery of cultural and tourism consumption. Focusing on outings, Zhengzhou City has launched more than 120 “online + offline” cultural tourism activities and measures to benefit the people; data show that during the Mid-Autumn Festival just past, the Henan tourism market received a total of 15.853 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 6.43% . In Suzhou, Jiangsu, more than 30 catering promotions were launched locally, and nearly 4,000 catering stores offered discounts.

Shan Zheng, the head of a catering company in Suzhou, Jiangsu: It has been improving since June. July is better than June, and August is better than July.

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