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With the participation of a vallenata actress, they premiere the film ‘Guayabo’

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With the participation of a vallenata actress, they premiere the film ‘Guayabo’

This February 9th, the film ‘Guayabo’ arrives at the Colombian cinema, by the Colombian distributor Alterna vista SAS; after a successful process in festivals, where it won the audience award at the prestigious NIAFFs International Action Film Festival in Spain, six important nominations at the La Silla awards in the DR, and the official competition selection for best Ibero-American film at the festival international Sant Andreu de la Barca – Barcelona,

The original story of Euder Arce Films, draws the curtains to see inside Alex’s house, who decides to celebrate his 30th birthday, despite the mandatory confinement caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

His best friend and partner, Gregorio “El León” Villa is the accomplice and in charge of organizing the most notorious Covifiesta in the DMs of his friends’ social networks.

The place will be in one of the most luxurious and prestigious mansions on the outskirts of Barranquilla. Among select friends, personalities and influencers, she arrives accompanied by Alex’s best friend (Paloma Saer, a prestigious fashion designer) an intriguing and beautiful woman: Paula Veppa. No one knows her, but she steals everyone’s gaze. Paula, the Dominican Bomba, as she is baptized upon her arrival, is going to generate a surprise rupture, from an unmanifest rivalry that has been growing between Alex and Gregorio León Villa, and what initially seems like a game of power and conquest, will end up pitting them against nature. darkest of each one of them, when together they must decide what to do with Paula’s corpse.

A film directed by the Ximénez Brothers (SHarpball) and brilliant writing by Lopera-Sánchez. It achieves an innovative and avant-garde vision within the Colombian film scene, which is projected as a delirious visual testimony of the effects of the pandemic on the subversion of the established order, a leap to the rules to enjoy life clandestinely in the midst of of the bans on social gatherings in the world, turns it into that dystopian scenario, how COVID 19 was dealt with in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla.

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Heading the list of protagonists is Lenard Vadera, (Spain) who has participated in several Netflix productions, highlighting his co-star in -Siempre Bruja- in Spain and Colombia; Braian V. Aburaad, talented Barranquillero actor (Aníbal Velásquez, Pescadito, Confesional, Móvil, Ángel de mi vida, La Reina Del Sur) and the Dominicans Evelyna Rodríguez, (Thieves, Feo de día, Lindo de noche y La Familia Reyna); Danilo Reynoso, producer and actor in (La Familia Reyna and Rafaela among others).

They make up a varied mix of actors from Spain, Colombia and the DR, which promises to give way to a dark and funny story. It is also worth noting that, being faithful to the premise of inspiring new visual sensations as the philosophy of Euder Arce Films SAS, it has the special participation of renowned fashion designers, actors, department heads in art, music, and other technical positions held. for the dazzling talent that exists in the city of Barranquilla and the Caribbean region.

Among the local talent, the participation of Keisy Oviedo, an actress and interior designer from Cesar, born in Valledupar, stands out; She is a Master in Dramatic Art from the Universidad del Bosque and an Interior Designer from LCI Education, an empirical artist of dance and song. She began her path in the theater, acquiring the fundamental bases of this art from the hand of important representatives of acting. In colombia.

Today he is fortunate to debut in the cinema with the film “Guayabo”. The Actress is the protagonist of an independent film based on the book by Colombian writer Álvaro Vanegas that will be released soon in all movie theaters in the country, she has worked in television productions such as TÚ VOZ STEREO, NURSES and the most recent LEANDRO DÍAZ, next to the Vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond with her character Carolina, the model of the first LP of the singer-songwriter Leandro Díaz. The actress, who is also an entrepreneur at the moment, is working on her Menta Coral venture, which is Artesanías de Colombia, where she works with communities in the Atlantic and Guajira.

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