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Woman (43) dies in accident, child (8) is slightly injured (Ypres)

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Voormezele/Ypres –

A serious accident happened on a rural road near Ypres on Friday evening. The driver died on the spot. There was also a child in the car who suffered minor injuries.

Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 9:24 AM

The Arro Ypres police zone received a report of the accident around 8:40 PM on Friday. A car left the roadway on Wittenhuisstraat, a rural road between Ypres and the municipality of Voormezele. The vehicle rolled over and came to rest in a ditch against an electricity pole. It broke but remained largely intact. (Read more below the photo)

The car ended up in a ditch against an electricity pole. — © Thijs Pattyn

Westhoek fire brigade was called to rescue the fire. A driver was found in the wreckage. No help could help her anymore. It concerns a 43-year-old woman from Ypres. There was also a child aged about 8 in the car who, according to police, suffered minor injuries. “No other vehicles were involved in the accident,” said Glenn Verdru, spokesperson for the Arro Ypres police zone. The public prosecutor’s office did not send a traffic expert to the scene. (Read more below the photo)

© Thijs Pattyn

Wittenhuisstraat remained closed to traffic between the intersections with Voormezeledorp and Kemmelseweg until the car was towed and the accident scene was cleared.

© Thijs Pattyn

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