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woman faces fraud charges in Miami

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woman faces fraud charges in Miami

Cuban Kenia Pardo Báez, 49, from Miami Gardens, has been accused of stealing over $100,000 from her ex-husband while he was visiting Cuba, according to reports from local media outlets.

The Miami channel Telemundo 51 disclosed that Pardo Báez allegedly defrauded her former partner by accessing his personal bank accounts at Wells Fargo during their transition period after their separation in early 2023. Despite agreeing to continue living together in their shared residence until the property was sold, Pardo Báez took advantage of the situation to make unauthorized transfers from her ex-partner’s accounts to her own.

Authorities revealed that Pardo Báez orchestrated an elaborate scheme, managing to steal a total of more than $100,000 through multiple unauthorized transactions. The victim only became aware of the fraud after reviewing his bank statements and noticing irregular activities. Subsequently, a police investigation ensued, leading to Pardo Báez’s arrest on charges of fraud, theft, and embezzlement.

In an attempt to evade justice, Pardo Báez reportedly made cash withdrawals using the stolen funds, making it challenging for authorities to trace the money back to its initial source. It was not until the victim returned from Cuba and raised concerns about the suspicious transactions that the alleged fraud was brought to light.

The case serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of monitoring financial accounts closely and taking immediate action upon detecting any unauthorized activities. Pardo Báez is currently facing legal consequences for her alleged involvement in the scam, highlighting the severity of financial crimes in Miami’s community.

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