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Women in the mining industry told their life stories – Crónica

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Women in the mining industry told their life stories – Crónica
Conversation with a massive presence of women.

Within the framework of the “International Women’s Mining Day”, which is celebrated on June 15, the Lundin Gold company held the second edition of the Conversation: Women and the Mining Industry, at the Sonesta Loja hotel.

The event had valuable exponents, who related their experiences within this area, which was always considered only for men and, currently, most departments are led by women.

The president and CEO of Lundin Gold, Ron Hochstein, pointed out that this date (International Women’s Mining Day) recalls the commitment that exists with the development of women and their empowerment in this productive sector.

“Historically, there have been several obstacles that women have had to face within the industry, beginning —which was previously reserved only for men—, then with the incorporation of more women into the industry came more challenges ranging from needs, that the female staff have in their workplace, even motivating more to access specialized training in the sector”, he said.

He added that it has always been a priority to promote opportunities for women within the mining industry, which includes training programs, education, focused on citizens within the region within the area of ​​influence.


Doménica Ordóñez Simancas, the company’s Chemical Coordinator, reported that she started as an intern and after a few years she became part of the staff’s payroll. “I touch and feel the care for the environment because we in the chemical laboratory carry out the treatment of the water used by the plant. In addition, we are in charge of reporting results that are in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the State ”, she affirmed.

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For her part, Briggtih Aldaz Ochoa, a truck operator, said that she started in the mining industry in the Nambija mines in the crushing and grinding area, but due to beliefs they did not let a woman enter the mine because it was risky. or the gold “vanished”.

“My curiosity led me to prepare myself and I arrived at the company, where I drive a 45-ton truck in the activity of taking the material from the interior of the mine to the surface in a minimum time of 45 minutes to an hour per trip”, he claimed. (YO)


Of all Lundin Gold staff, 17% are women.

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