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Women led a gang dedicated to the sale of hallucinogens in Vichada

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Women led a gang dedicated to the sale of hallucinogens in Vichada

A judge of the circuit of Puerto Carreño (Vichada), legalized the raids, captures and imposed measures restricting the freedom of several people who, apparently, would be part of the criminal group ‘Las Monas’, dedicated to the sale and distribution of psychoactive substances.

The defendants are: Ana Yasmira Peroza Siba, Karina Lisbeth Siba Siba, Yojiandry Yanderyn Hurtado Davalillo, Beidis Mar Rodríguez Reyes, Zuleny Johana Chávez Castillo, who were captured in flagrante delicto, four of them foreign nationals, while José Milton Herrera Rojas was captured for illegal possession of weapons.

During the raids, various cell phones, cash, bags containing hallucinogenic substances, books where apparently a list of the material that was distributed was kept, electronic recorders, and two motorcycles, among other elements, were seized.

The Prosecutor in the case charged the women as allegedly responsible for the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime in the manufacture, trafficking or possession of narcotics, while Herrera Rojas was charged with the crime of trafficking, manufacture or possession of weapons, none accepted the charges leveled by the prosecuting body, however, the judge accepted the request of the prosecuting body to send the women to jail, and to impose restrictive measures for José Milton Herrera Rojas.

This information is published for reasons of general interest.

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