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Women will no longer have to contribute 1,300 weeks to retire – news

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Women will no longer have to contribute 1,300 weeks to retire – news

Through a trill, President Gustavo Petro referred to what has been his great concern in recent months and on which he has made decisions.

Why does gasoline go up every month?

To prevent the poorest, through the budget, from paying the gasoline subsidy to those who have their own cars. Diesel did not rise to avoid further upward pressure on the price of food. These are mostly transported in trucks that use this fuel.

How long will it be?

Until the internal prices coincide with the imported prices, the increase in the deficit closes and the debt can be paid in the following months, gradually reducing the deficit.

Why is this deficit so large and can exceed 50 trillion pesos?

Because in the second half of 2022 the refining capacity in Colombia decreased and at the same time the international prices of oil and gasoline rose.

In addition, the purchase of imported gasoline was never planned, and it was made at the highest international prices. This year the purchase of imported gasoline must be planned and take advantage of the fact that its price falls with oil. So this year the deficit will stop growing when the domestic price meets the international one.

The president pointed out that he knows well that this measure bothers, especially the middle class, which is why formulas are being sought to make it progressive and he asked car owners for their solidarity to end a very bad policy that was imposed last year with consequences that we are mitigating.

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Once the international price is reached, with a small surplus to pay the debt generated, the government will let gasoline prices float with international prices, which seem to be going down during the end of the year and following months.

The international average price with which we import gasoline must be public data

Source: President Gustavo Petro

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