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Women’s talents and leadership will be recognized in Medellín

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Women’s talents and leadership will be recognized in Medellín

The call for Encouragement for Women’s Talents and Leadership in Medellín is open. This incentive has the purpose of highlighting women and adolescents in the city for their initiatives in the social, political, artistic and sports fields, among others.

Registration runs until June 8 and there are two lines to participate:

The first is Talented Young Women, for people over 14 years of age and up to 28, in the social, political and community leadership modalities; sport, recreation and physical activity; Arts; exact Sciences; social sciences and entrepreneurship.

The second line is Recognition of Talents and Leadership, for women from the age of 29, it has four categories: political leadership; social and community leadership; leadership in research and leadership in public service.

Requirements to participate

Among the most important requirements to participate is residing in the city for the last three years. Additionally, those who have been recognized in previous editions will not be able to apply.

In August a public ceremony will be held where the selected women will receive nine million pesos. For their part, teenagers will obtain a voucher for a trip, which they must take in the company of a responsible adult.

Registrations can be made through the website https://www.medellin.gov.co/estimulos/where you must fill out the form and attach the requested documents.

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