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Word of the Day|China’s manned space program delegation

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Word of the Day|China’s manned space program delegation

China’s Manned Space Engineering Delegation Pays Visit to Hong Kong and Macao

The Manned Space Engineering Delegation from China is currently on a six-day visit to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Macao Special Administrative Region. The visit, which started on November 28 and will last until December 3, was extended by an invitation from the respective governments of Hong Kong and Macao.

Led by Lin Xiqiang, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the delegation includes several astronauts who have played a crucial role in the construction of the Chinese space station. Among them are Shenzhou 12 crew astronaut Liu Boming, Shenzhou 13 crew astronaut Wang Yaping, as well as Shenzhou 14 crew commander Chen Dong, and Shenzhou 15 crew member Zhang Lu. Additionally, the group is comprised of experts in related fields of manned space engineering systems.

During their visit to Hong Kong, the delegation participated in a media meeting organized by the Hong Kong SAR government. At the meeting, they released panoramic high-definition photos of the space station assembly taken by Shenzhou 16 during its orbit.

This visit marks the first time in 11 years that the manned space project has organized a visit to Hong Kong and Macao. It is also noteworthy as the first interaction between the project and the two regions during the space station era. The delegation also opened the China Manned Space Engineering Exhibition, met with Hong Kong’s innovation and technology community, and attended a welcome show held at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

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Hong Kong and Macao have actively participated in the construction of China’s national manned space industry, and they continue to contribute towards the space station’s development and scientific application projects. In particular, both regions will be involved in the selection of the fourth batch of reserve astronaut load experts, the collection of space station science and application projects, and the development of manned lunar rovers.

The visit not only underscores the cooperation between China’s space program and Hong Kong and Macao but also reflects the strong patriotism and love for their regions among the people of Hong Kong.

The delegation’s visit has been significant in fostering collaboration in the field of aerospace science and technology and has strengthened the relationship between the mainland and the two Special Administrative Regions.

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