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Work hard in the new era to enrich the people and revitalize Chongqing to the future_Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Network

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Work hard in the new era to enrich the people and revitalize Chongqing to the future_Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Network

Aerial photography of the central city of Chongqing.Special photographer Wang Zhengkun/Visual Chongqing

Today, the city’s sixth party congress was grandly opened. More than 700 party representatives from all fronts and all walks of life in the city will work together to plan Chongqing’s development plan for the next five years.

The party representatives fully affirmed the development achievements of various undertakings in Chongqing in recent years, and are full of expectations for the upcoming party congress and the future development of Chongqing. Bearing the mission and carrying the heavy trust, everyone expressed that they would continue to write the wonderful chapter of “Forge ahead in the new era, enrich the people, rejuvenate Chongqing and move towards the future” with full political enthusiasm and high spirits.

Representative Xie Wenjiang, Director of Liangping District Productivity Promotion Center:

Play a role in the practice of scientific and technological innovation leading high-quality development

Innovation is the first driving force for development. The sixth party congress of the city is about to be held. As a scientific and technological worker, I am full of expectations.

In recent years, Liangping District has led high-quality development with technological innovation, made great efforts to promote new industrialization, built a 100 billion-level industrial zone, successfully created the first municipal-level high-tech zone in the “two clusters” area, and successively created a national high-tech zone.

Liangping has the reputation of “Bashu Granary” and is a national key grain-producing area and a national commodity grain base. The whole region has formed a cluster of agricultural product processing industries such as rice, pomelo, bean, bamboo and duck. The output value of agricultural product processing has reached 20 billion yuan. A total of 216 leading agricultural enterprises have been cultivated, including national agricultural industrialization enterprise Zhang Yazi and municipal leading enterprise. Qishuang Food, Yumeizi, Two Beans, etc. This year, according to the requirements of the municipal party committee, based on the natural endowment and industrial foundation, Liang Ping seized the market opportunities, took the lead in proposing to build the prefabricated vegetable capital in China (Western), and issued implementation opinions and incentives to promote the high-quality development of the prefabricated vegetable industry in Liangping District. It is speeding up the formulation of industrial plans, making every effort to build an industrial ecology, preparing to hold a summit forum for the development of China’s pre-prepared food industry, and launching the establishment of the Western China Pre-prepared Vegetable Industry Alliance. By 2025, the area of ​​the prefabricated vegetable industrial park will reach 15 square kilometers, and the annual output value of the whole industry chain will reach more than 50 billion yuan.

Currently, I am cooperating with the preparations for the construction of the Prefabricated Vegetable Industry Research Institute. Next, I will devote myself to Liangping’s work of creating a national high-tech zone and building China’s (Western) prefabricated food capital. Combining the actual situation and giving full play to my advantages, I will empower high-quality development with innovative achievements, and lead high-quality development in the practice of scientific and technological innovation. act in charge.

On behalf of Mao Xianglin, Secretary of the Party Branch and Director of the Village Committee of Xiazhuang Village, Zhuxian Township, Wushan County:

Let the villagers eat “tourism meal” at their doorstep

After poverty alleviation, if we want the villagers to continue to increase their income, we must find a new way for industrial development. Xiazhuang will continue to carry forward the spirit of poverty alleviation, and continue to overcome difficulties in consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. On the road of rural revitalization Stride forward.

In 2021, we introduced Chongqing Zhele Company to develop the citrus industry, adopting the model of “company + farmers + collective”. Last year, the output of citrus reached 300,000 catties, the annual income was more than 700,000 yuan, and the per capita annual net income of the village reached 17,555 Yuan.

At the same time, Xiazhuang and Wushan County Cultural Industry Company cooperated to build Xiazhuang Ancient Road and Xiazhuang Yard Homestay, and cooperated with local villagers to implement a 40-60 dividend system. The development of tourism in the village also ushered in a new opportunity.

We also spent 5 months rebuilding new eaves and repainting walls for more than 50 households in the village to create a traditional village style. The village has upgraded the bumpy dirt road to a clean and tidy cement road, leading to every household in the village.

In recent years, Xiazhuang has undergone earth-shaking changes, the appearance of the village has changed greatly, and the living standards of the villagers have improved significantly. We will continue to work hard to let everyone eat “tourism meals” at home. Next, Xiazhuang will focus on the development of eco-tourism, wellness tourism, red tourism, research tourism, etc., and explore a new path for the integrated development of “ecology + humanities + tourism” to help rural revitalization.

At the beginning of this year, I took the lead in setting up the “Mao Xianglin Special Fund for Student Aid”, and donated 100,000 yuan to support outstanding college students in Wushan County, villagers who sacrificed their families for road construction, and villagers who were seriously ill or disabled. Talent is the key to the revitalization of the countryside. I hope that through the aid fund, more children can study hard, work hard, and strive to become the pillars of the party and the country. After returning from school in the future, they will contribute to the construction of their hometown and jointly pave the way. A more solid path to happiness.

Representative of Tian Tao, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of Qianjiang District Forestry Bureau:

“Green Development” Brings “Green Economy”

In recent years, our ecology has been getting better and better, not only protecting green waters and lush mountains, but also developing a “green economy” by taking advantage of the situation. I really feel the benefits that “green development” brings to the people.

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, 538,800 mu of forests were planted in Qianjiang District, the forest coverage rate increased from 57.6% to 65%, and the forest volume reached 15 million cubic meters, which not only increased biodiversity and vegetation area, but also brought various Green transformation and upgrading of various industries.

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I am very happy that our mulberry silk is now up to the highest standard in the industry, and some of the raw materials for some high-end clothing brands are provided by us. In the process of exploring and innovating desertification control, Qianjiang District took the planting of mulberry trees and the development of sericulture industry as a breakthrough, fully tapped the resource potential of forest ecology, created a national sericulture biological industry base, and an advantageous area of ​​agricultural products with Chinese characteristics, which attracted Chongqing Haitong Silk Co., Ltd. The company and other enterprises have come to Qianjiang for development. The complete industrial chain has driven more than 2,800 farmers and more than 10,000 people to engage in sericulture production. The value of the industrial chain of mulberry planting, sericulture, silk reeling and silk weaving has reached 500 million yuan. Remain the first in the city.

Today’s Qianjiang can be said to be ecologically beautiful, industries are prosperous, and people are rich. I believe that everyone will have a better life in the future! I firmly believe that under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization, Qianjiang District will continue to learn and make good use of the “Two Mountains Theory”, go deeper into the “Two-Industrialization Road”, open up the channel for the transformation of resources into assets, and gradually realize ecological and economic benefits. Unify with each other, and truly implement “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” on the land of southeastern Chongqing.

On behalf of Xie Guifang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wuxi County Party Committee and Director of the Organization Department:

Party members lead the run, the masses follow

As a party representative from the labor organization front, over the years, I have deeply felt that the building of the party organization has become stronger and stronger, the vanguard and exemplary role of party members has become more and more fully played, and the happiness index of the people has become more and more Taller.

Strengthening Party building to promote poverty alleviation, and strengthening Party building to promote rural governance… In recent years, we have seen that Party building throughout the city has been tightened and more solid, and the intensity of Party building and development has also been greater.

Taking the rural party branch in Wuxi as an example, in order to further enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, we implemented the system of “bright commitment” and “practice commitment” by the party branch secretary. The party branch secretary showed a five-year term plan, and detailed what to do each year. The promised things will be subject to the supervision and inspection of the superiors and the comments of the party members every quarter to ensure that they “do not blow the shell” and make the work “suitable”.

In order to play the exemplary role of party members, we divide the courtyard into small grids, so that each party member can play a role: “Shout” and “ask” in the morning to see if the elderly living alone are healthy; neighbor disputes” Persuade and persuade” to promote the harmony of neighbors; “turn around” the public security situation to protect the peace of the countryside. On the theme party day, party members will “show off” the work they usually do, accept the evaluation and scoring of party members and the masses, and incorporate them into the party member vanguard index in the form of points. This index is used as an important basis for evaluation.

In Wuxi, party members led the run, and the masses followed, and the relationship between the party and the masses and between the cadres and the masses was very harmonious. Wuxi is one of the key counties for rural revitalization in the country, and it still faces development problems. After the party congress is over, I will devote myself to the work with a fuller state of mind, continue to promote the “Ten Actions for Party Building and Promoting Rural Revitalization”, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization.

Wang Qiaosheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Tongliang District Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Director of the District Supervisory Committee:

Continue to be upright and disciplined to win the trust of the masses

Over the past five years, the Municipal Party Committee has resolutely shouldered the political responsibility of managing the party and governing the party, applying strict standards and strict measures throughout, constantly innovating from ideas to specific measures, and unswervingly promoting comprehensive and strict governance of the party to develop in depth, with practical actions. It has won the support and trust of the masses, the party building of the city has become stronger and stronger, the political ecology has been continuously optimized, the comprehensive and strict party governance has given full play to the role of leading and guaranteeing, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the majority of party members, cadres, and officers has been greatly boosted.

As a veteran who has been fighting on the front of discipline inspection and supervision for nearly 16 years, and as a witness, practitioner, and promoter of the comprehensive and strict governance of the party, I deeply feel that the mission is glorious and the responsibility is great.

Faced with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Tongliang promotes the continuous optimization of the business environment with “embedded” supervision of the business environment and special supervision to help enterprises in distress, and promotes implementation with strong supervision and risk prevention, and creates a stable and healthy economic environment. Faced with the invisible mutation of the “four winds”, Tongliang carried out a special campaign of discipline inspection and supervision, resolutely punished corruption and work style problems around the masses, and promoted the implementation of the policy of benefiting the people and enriching the people, so as to strongly supervise and safeguard the interests of the masses and maintain a social environment of national prosperity and public security. … Perseverance and uprightness, discipline and anti-corruption, the masses feel the most direct, and all the changes are seen by the common people. In the future, we will continue to focus on the “two safeguards” to strengthen political supervision, strictly clarify political discipline and political rules, maintain the centralized and unified leadership of the party with strong supervision, and cultivate a clean and positive political environment.

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On behalf of Xie Lan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Neighborhood Committee of Xingjiaqiao Community, Renhe Street, Liangjiang New District:

Build the community into the safest and most secure harbor for residents

The Xingjiaqiao community where I work is one of the first batch of resettlement communities in Chongqing for “agricultural conversion”. More than 20 years have passed, and the houses are seriously aging and dilapidated. In order to promote the renovation of the old community, I and my colleagues in the community went door to door to publicize the policy, listen to the opinions of the masses, exchanged the understanding and support of the residents with sincerity, promoted the smooth implementation of the renovation task, and fulfilled the dream of 1,422 residents.

Taking the transformation of the old community as the starting point, the Xingjiaqiao community has realized the transformation from “old and dilapidated” to “new and green and beautiful”, and the people’s sense of happiness and gain has been greatly improved. The community is more livable, the environment is more beautiful, and the residents are more comfortable. From the beginning, they did not cooperate or support the renovation of the house, and now they actively participate in the construction of the community, and even take the initiative to become the “administrator” of the community.

My deepest experience is that community work must understand the real wishes and needs of the residents, and realize that the people’s affairs should be handled by the people through consultation. The first phase of the resettlement housing renovation project carried out before can be regarded as “proofing”. Now the second phase of the old city renovation project involving 426 households has achieved 100% support from the masses. At present, the renovation project is progressing very smoothly.

In the future, we will continue to focus on the most concerned, most direct and most realistic issues of the masses, strive to improve the leading effectiveness of party building, continuously enhance the ability and level of community service, and build the community into the safest and most secure harbor for residents. At the same time, it insists on combining environmental renewal with humanistic renewal, attracting more residents to devote themselves to community construction, and more volunteers and professional organizations to participate in grass-roots governance, so as to truly build a new pattern of community governance featuring co-construction, co-governance and sharing.

Representative Yang Dexiu, senior teacher of Jiangjin No. 5 Middle School in Chongqing:

Let more students grow up happily and healthily

I come from the alma mater of De Mingmeng, the “heroic test pilot of aircraft carrier fighter” – Jiangjin No. 5 Middle School in Chongqing. This year, I have another identity: the representative of the 6th Party Congress in Chongqing. I am very excited to be elected as a party representative! As a teacher of the people, I must be a good example for students to learn, do things, and be a person, and be a good guide for students’ growth.

In recent years, the city’s education has been completely new from the outside to the inside. “Public Councillors” schools have been effectively renovated, the “school selection fee” of ordinary high schools has been stopped, the “double reduction”, the “five management” of primary and secondary school students, and the reduction of teachers’ burdens have also achieved remarkable results. More and more children enjoy Better and more equitable education, our education also pays more attention to the development of connotation.

As a front-line teacher, I intuitively feel that educational changes are all around me. In recent years, Jiangjin District has built a “Basic Education Curriculum Reform Experimental Zone” with the Basic Education Curriculum and Textbook Development Center of the Ministry of Education, and implemented the “Seven Major Projects” of educational development, and strived to run it well. Education that the people are satisfied with. I have witnessed the balanced development of compulsory education. Now the most beautiful scenery is on the campus, and the best building is the school; I have witnessed the importance attached by the Party committee and the government to the development of the teaching staff, and teachers have a visible and tangible career. Growth and harvest; I have witnessed informatization add “wings” to education, and rural children and urban children share high-quality educational resources.

In the future, as a glorious people’s teacher, my greatest wish is to let more students grow up happily and become healthy. It is hoped that governments at all levels will continue to increase investment in education and continuously improve teachers’ treatment. It is also hoped that the whole society will create a good fashion of respecting teachers and valuing education, giving teachers an environment where they can teach with peace of mind, so that more outstanding talents can compete and teach with enthusiasm, and cultivate more socialist builders and successors with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor. people.

On behalf of Wan Lu, Secretary of the Fourth Party Branch and Head Nurse of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Xiushan Autonomous County People’s Hospital:

The biggest expectation is to reduce the cost of medical treatment for the masses

In the past few years, I have witnessed the changes in the hospital with my own eyes, which can be described as earth-shaking!

In the past, due to limited medical conditions, many people in the county who were suffering from serious problems could not get good treatment in the county people’s hospital, and could only travel long distances to the main city of Chongqing or surrounding provinces and cities for treatment. Today, 5 years later, the health undertakings in Xiushan County have achieved rapid development. The County People’s Hospital has gradually completed the construction of five medical centers, and our Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has also established an intensive care unit.

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At present, the area of ​​medical business premises in the county reaches 300,000 square meters, and the value of medical equipment reaches 400 million yuan. The standardization rate of township hospitals and village clinics has reached 100%, and the hospital delivery rate of pregnant women has reached 99.9%. Not only the rate of on-site medical treatment in Xiushan County has increased significantly, but also more and more people come to seek medical treatment from other places. In the past two years, patients from Baojing in Hunan Province and Songtao in Guizhou Province have come to us for medical treatment.

It is undeniable that there are still certain restrictions on the health undertakings in remote districts and counties. In the future, my biggest hope is to increase support for the establishment of “top three” hospitals in our remote districts and counties, reduce the cost of medical treatment for the masses, and send more outstanding municipal experts to the “two groups” areas to carry out medical assistance. , to promote the flow of urgently needed, high-level and highly educated talents to remote areas, and gradually solve the problem of talent shortage.

Representative He Qiao, Chief of Ciqikou Police Station, Shapingba District Bureau of Municipal Public Security Bureau:

Continue to be a “caring person” for the masses

The city’s public security officers keep in mind the general secretary’s ardent entrustment, and faithfully implement the general requirements of loyalty to the party, serving the people, law enforcement impartiality, and strict discipline. With more and more harmony, the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security will become better.

Take Ciqikou Street, Shapingba District, where I live, as an example. In view of the fact that 161 hearing-impaired people live together in my jurisdiction, I learned sign language by myself and mastered more than 2,800 sign language vocabulary. A “bridge” deep in the hearts of the disabled people. Under the promotion of all parties, the “Qiaojie Silent Police Office”, which integrates police office, dispute mediation, cultural entertainment and other functions, was officially established. Over the years, the police office has actively practiced the “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era, successfully mediated more than 320 conflicts and disputes of various types, and resolved more than 530 requests for help from the masses. Cross” target.

It is my duty and mission to inherit and carry forward the Hongyan spirit and continue the red bloodline. As a Hongyan volunteer, I actively participated in the practice activity of “Guan Hongyan’s name casts the soul of Hongyan”, serving the masses based on my own position, so that the spirit of Hongyan can be carried forward in a visible and tangible way.

In the future, I will work harder to serve the masses with my heart and passion, expand the coverage of services, and continue to be a good “caring person” for the masses. I will think more about everything, take one more step, take the initiative to discover the difficulties of the masses, and take the initiative to help the masses solve them.” Difficulties and worries”, practicing loyalty to the party and sincerity to the people with practical actions.

On behalf of Hu Lingyun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chongqing Fengwu Trading Co., Ltd.:

Party members become the “leaders” of enterprise innovation

Fengwu Supermarket was founded by Liang Fengwu, a former laid-off female worker from Chongqing Wool Spinning Factory, a national “March 8 Red Banner Bearer” and a Chongqing “Model Worker”. Under the care of the party organization, the branch committee of Chongqing Fengwu Trading Co., Ltd. We also became the first batch of non-public enterprises to set up branch committees in Banan District.

Since the establishment of the party branch, the party building work has also been carried out. The old party members have played a pioneering and exemplary role in the operation and development of the enterprise, and some outstanding business backbones and store managers have gradually developed into party members. On New Year’s Eve in 2020, two party members and drivers obeyed the party’s orders and delivered vegetables to Wuhan overnight. During the epidemic in 2020, all employees of Fengwu Supermarket gave up their vacations and stayed on the front line to ensure supply and stabilize prices. Now, the party organization has become the “backbone” of Fengwu’s growth, the party members have become the “leaders” of enterprise innovation, and the party organization and party members have led the employees to gradually grow into the “new force” of enterprise development.

Over the years, Fengwu Supermarket has actively participated in the “Thousands of Villages and Thousands of Townships Market Project”, focusing on the development of urban and rural areas and suburban towns. In the layout of the plan, we have personally felt the changes in the rural areas of Chongqing – the rural roads are becoming smoother and wider, and now the delivery time of stores in many areas has been shortened by half compared with the past; the purchasing power of the people in townships and villages has increased. In the past five years, pistachios, The sales of high-end nuts such as almonds and macadamia nuts have increased by nearly 20 times; the production and sales of local agricultural products are closely linked. Available in Fengwu supermarkets.

Party building leads the direction of Fengwu’s development. Fengwu Supermarket has further clarified the development direction of the enterprise, and strengthened its determination and confidence to face the townships and help the revitalization of the countryside. Fengwu Supermarket will continue to deeply cultivate the township business and logistics network, so that more rural people can buy the same high-quality goods as in the city at their doorsteps, better help agricultural products to enter the city, and contribute to the rural revitalization.

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