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Work of the military tarnished by laws that favor crime – DIARIO CRONICA

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Work of the military tarnished by laws that favor crime – DIARIO CRONICA

Armed Forces in constant operations.

After the issuance of the state of emergency and the subsequent internal armed conflict, the Armed Forces took control of internal security and carry out permanent operations. According to passive-service soldiers, work is reduced, for fear that the laws will go against them in the future.


This month will mark 2 months since the Armed Forces have been on the streets—in the different cities—to control the wave of crime that is plaguing the country.

Military personnel in passive service, such as First Sergeant Nery Tandazo Gallegos, provincial director of the National Front of Pensioners Loja, mentioned to this newspaper that, from what was observed during this period, his colleagues are carrying out a job with height and precision; However, many of them have stated that Human Rights are always bothering them, for no reason.

“We train for conflicts in the internal and external sphere, but there will always be that fear that in the end they will want to tarnish our career, because a decree does not give a guarantee that it will defend us, that is why, at the present time, “They have loosened their grip a little,” he said.

He added that, in most of the different operations, troop personnel are involved, because an officer rarely faces danger, he only gives orders to be followed.

The jurist noted that, in one province, a judge has already come out to agree with the criminals and not protect the Armed Forces, therefore, the laws must be changed so that they benefit the people.

For his part, second sergeant on passive duty, Klever Rojas, indicated that the work of military personnel will always be respected and a clear example is that, “from the moment our colleagues are on the streets, crime has been reduced even in 70%.”

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“He fears that once the decrees end, the crime wave will try to return to the roads where there is now security; it is necessary and urgent to change the laws, because they still continue to protect people who do not mind killing citizens,” he said. (YO)

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