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Work that is not finished in Santa Marta

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Work that is not finished in Santa Marta

Santa Marta is one of the most touristic cities in Colombia and El Rodadero, located in the northern commune of the Gaira area, is one of the favorite places for those who come to enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. Although in recent times, people who choose this city as a vacation destination encounter a recurring problem: The streets that are synonymous with accidents and that, in addition, are used as a hotel by those who live in begging conditions, making it less attractive. to the most visited area in Santa Marta.

The street dividers, positioned to differentiate the bicycle route from the vehicular route, have been destroyed by those who ignore traffic and mobility regulations.

The death traps that are found on the busiest roads in Gaira and that do not have adequate signage to warn drivers and pedestrians.

The unfinished work of the aqueduct and sewage companies represents dangers for those who travel along the roads of El Rodadero.

The most striking and recurring panorama, not only in the Gaira – Rodadero commune, but throughout Santa Marta, are the people in a condition of begging who spend the night on the streets of the city causing discomfort to the people who visit this sector.

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