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Work together online and offline! “Operation Spring Breeze” Lantern Festival special job fair helps job seekers light up a new chapter in their careers – Yuyao News Network

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The “2024 Spring Breeze Action and Employment Assistance Month” Lantern Festival special job fair was a success, with 52 participating companies bringing nearly 300 jobs to the event. The fair, which took place on February 22, saw a total employment demand of over 3,600 people.

Human resources and social security department officials set the festive mood by lighting up lanterns with the character “Fu” in front of the company’s booths and hanging up lantern riddle ribbons with delicate and warm words, providing a welcoming atmosphere for job seekers.

The job fair was bustling with activity as thousands of job seekers flocked to the venue. Three anchors were on-site, using their mobile phones to recommend suitable positions to online job seekers. Many job seekers took the opportunity to learn about corporate recruitment information and connect face-to-face with company personnel specialists.

One job seeker, Xiao Fan, expressed her excitement about the variety of job opportunities available at the fair, stating, “There are many companies here and there are many employment opportunities. I can ‘shop around’ and find a job that suits me better!”

The event saw a strong demand for talents in various fields, including general workers, operators, technicians, sales, and service personnel. Company personnel specialists eagerly engaged with potential candidates, with some participating in live broadcast activities to showcase job positions and interact with job seekers.

According to statistics, more than 300 people applied for jobs at the fair, and 110 individuals initially reached employment intentions. The fair also attracted over 10,000 views of corporate recruitment information in the cloud and over 5,000 viewers in the Douyin live broadcast room. Six companies participating in the live broadcast received over 20 resumes from job seekers.

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The success of the Lantern Festival special job fair highlights the value of in-person and virtual job fairs in connecting job seekers with employment opportunities. The event provided a platform for both employers and job seekers to interact and explore potential job matches.

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