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World universe formulas instead of world bubbles bursting News Hamburg – News Hamburg Politics Current news on the Internet

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World universe formulas instead of world bubble bursting

1. The World of Bubbles.

The “world” fights on many “shells” of many “bubbles” against many “needles” which cause (or threaten) to burst the bubbles.

The biggest bubble is today’s “capital” structure: the turnover on the world foreign exchange markets of the “speculation” economy is at least 100 times (10,000%) larger than that for transactions on the goods market of the “real” economy .

Don Quixote (declining nobility) could do nothing against the mills (power of the rising proletariat) with his “lance” (useless weapon).

Today’s “world” (declining real economy) can, with its “tools” (inefficient politics: money, interest, redistribution, bad banks, debt relief, too-big-to-fail help, whatever-it-takes -Aid, special funds, …) hardly do anything against the bubbles.

And states can only draw on a fraction of the remaining 1% of the real economy. And of the 1%, most of it is already planned for status quo maintenance. “Rescue” funds/”solutions” for bursting bubbles are increasingly at the expense of prosperity – and even against oneself: eg: Reduction of funds for political education – in a world becoming more extreme!

Today it is not only about nobility versus proletariat. Today it is about mankind and the (environmental) world, which – through the swelling and bursting of all bubbles – are first sucked dry and then blown away. At the latest, when all capital is concentrated in a few “points”, the majority of “points” no longer have the capital to buy the goods produced by capital. Then the capital bubble will burst – and everything will be destroyed.

2. The solutions of the universe

The universe has been growing for 13.8 billion years, faster and with fewer major crises (1 super nova every 100 years, instead of 1 bubble implosion every 3 years) than the “world(s)” of the so-called “homo- sapiens”.

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There are also “things” in the universe that look like bubbles. However, these “bubbles” have a completely different structure – and “task”.

An atom looks like a bubble because of the electrons circulating around it. But there are significant differences in space to terrestrial bubbles: e.g.:

a) One aspect is a “healthy”(!) core
The atomic nucleus of protons and neutrons, and in particular their quantum and string components, are associated with extremely strong energy. Hardly any earthly bubble has a “healthy” core. On the contrary: even unhealthy derivatives are often added.

b) A limited(!) size
The positive charge of the protons keeps the negatively charged electrons like a “bubble construct” at a constant(!) size, which varies depending on the atom. Each atom is balanced and stable on its own. Earth bubbles, on the other hand, always tend to grow to the maximum regardless of the conditions in the core.

c) Limited lifetime
A star (and thus all atoms that will be formed here) receives the energy for its entire life when it is formed – up to its implosion as part of a super nova (our sun, for example, in 5 billion years). Earth bubbles initially have only a fraction of the capital that is supposed to be collected during “marketing”. Its lifetime can be endless if it is “saved” again and again (as with bank losses: with bad banks). In the universe, the bank would long since have been swallowed up by the galaxy’s “black hole” because of its “weaknesses”. “Too big to fail” does not apply here, but “too big to survive” because of too many errors and “legacy issues”.

d) Community Service
For example, a star forms from dust compressed by solar winds. (Keeping everything clean…). Since matter tends to move, the star with its orbit – and its expansion tendencies – contributes to gaining (free) SPACE for all(!) stars and planets in space. Its kinetic energy and later implosion energy also contribute to the (free) SPACE energy. (Free) SPACE(!) for everyone(!) “BEING” instead of “HAVING” (with 72% of all universe energies as a focus) seems to be one of the greatest goals of the universe (our invented SPACE formula can be found here). in the book AstronRaumOnomie). The great earthly, primarily “material” (or “money value” as the material counterpart) orientation and the “want to have”, as well as the material primarily concentrated on individuals (big stars attract many small planets), has only one meaning in the universe of 5% (those from Albert Einstein’s Simple Relativity Theory formula).

A “black” hole in space even eliminates all constellations that have become weak – and squeezes the energy out of its matter – very much to the benefit of the SPACE gain of our visible part of the universe.

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e) Autonomy within a community
All stars (e.g. companies) and planets (e.g. people) receive the energy for their entire life when they are formed. According to the laws of the universe, you can live with this energy alone. However, almost everyone joins a galaxy as a community – also because they can act in a more secure manner here. A guiding state as a structure also seems to be a good solution in space. As an energy alternative to the planets, people on earth could be provided with a LAZEB (lifetime work unit bonus) at birth – in order to be able to go their own autonomous way through life without being dependent on state or other (see the book AstronZeitOnomie) .

f) LAZEB-(Bonus) as “Secret Tool”
The LAZEB bonus functions on earth as a new demand and world currency with maximum money supply – on an astronomically sound basis! It can be booked into existing bank accounts as a new “foreign” currency, with which anyone can pay anywhere in the world. At the same time, many educational measures must be taken. Not everything can be implemented immediately in every state – and in many cases the state must first take preventive action. But there will be a lot of volunteers (organizations) to implement this step. A mental reorientation, which is necessary anyway to preserve our world, is also worth it: Away from HAVING (wanting) – and towards BEING (enjoying), which 99% of all philosophers recommend anyway in order to be happier.

With this LAZEB step, many of the current world problems could be solved.

g) preserve/save bad things? None!
The stars and planets do not need a state that intervenes to keep their lives worth living. You are autonomous. What becomes too weak is only held to “exist” to a limited extent in space. The energy in a super nova implosion or black hole absorption can be used for better purposes: Free SPACE creation. After the end of a “sick” company/bank/person, the staff involved can now devote themselves to more lively tasks with the energies of the freedom they have gained.

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All these are just a few thoughts of our model: GlobalOnomie – astronomy for economy. You can find out more – including our invented formulas – at World-Wide-wealth.com and/or the books listed there.

We wish you exciting reading and would be very pleased if you would support us personally, multiplicatively recommend or sponsor.
Let’s look together for an optimization of the current capital bubble model and for a discrete, visionary solution to all the conflicts of all parties involved. With GlobalOnomie we provide a basis that can be discussed. Discuss and develop with us. For the benefit of the (environmental) world and all people.

Helmut Rasch
Heubergredder 14A
22297 Hamburg

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