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‘World’s tallest’ zip line installed in Balakot

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‘World’s tallest’ zip line installed in Balakot

After installing a 1,250 feet high and 7,000 feet long zip line at Balakot in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the company is claiming that it is the world‘s highest zip line. ‘

The zip line has been installed in Noori Valley Bhunja, a tourist area of ​​Balakot, which was inaugurated by the district administration on Saturday, May 27.

Muhammad Ali Swati, Chief Executive of Heavensway Zipline Adventure Company, the owner of the Balakot project, told Independent Urdu that when they claim the highest zipline in the world, one has to understand whether it is height above sea level or ground level. has been

‘People tell me that the highest zip line in the world is in France. The point is correct but this height is above sea level. While our height is above ground level. Some people said that the highest zip line in the world is in Alaska, to which my answer is yes but their height is only 1150 feet while our zip line is 1250 feet. Therefore, this honor should now be given to Pakistan.’

Mohammad Ali Swati said that his interest in the field grew after seeing the zipline and other amusement parks on a trip to Dubai five years ago.

Asked if he would put a net under the zip line, he said: ‘Actually, while the net doubles the cost of the project, the net does not play a significant role in saving lives in the event of an accident. .

A net can be stretched to a certain extent, but if stretched too tightly, it will injure the person who falls and will not save him. Now the solution is that we double everything and the weight limit has been increased.’

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The CEO of the zipline company said that they have imported all the machinery and equipment from famous brands of France and UK.

However, Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) Director Aminul Hasan told Independent Urdu that the zip line is currently partially operational to ensure some safety measures.

Director KDA said that the zip line has been installed at a very high height, so orders have also been issued to the concerned company to install a net under the zip line.

“The SOPs state that if the height is too high, nets must also be installed, and the first aid kit must also conform to international norms.

If the company does not comply with these orders, their NOC can be cancelled.

This section contains related reference points (Related Nodes field).

Director Aminul Hasan said that KDA took three years to approve the said project, due to which safety measures were taken into consideration in every aspect and angle of the project.

‘The bigger the project and the higher the risk, the more departments involved in the project. So that security measures can be evaluated from every angle. Because when an accident happens, the news reaches the whole of Pakistan and then tourism is disturbed for a long time.’

He said that there is no significant law for adventure sports in Pakistan and even if there is, there is a lack of SOPs.

The zip line was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Mansehra, Captain Bilal Shahid Rao, who told Independent Urdu that to provide entertainment and amenities to the people, the administration has to encourage the private sector to help them invest easily. Found and best projects can be brought to Pakistan. ‘Under the same thought and spirit, we also collaborated with the company that opened the Balakot Zipline.’

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The Deputy Commissioner said that the said zip line being located in the middle of Naran and Kaghan will make it easier for tourists and consequently promote tourism.

Deputy Commissioner Mansehra said that after the inauguration, he himself also went ziplining, and enjoyed it a lot.

‘I have done ziplining in other places including Charat. The height was higher here.’

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