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Wounded wild boar fleeing to Ivrea, was shot down

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Wounded wild boar fleeing to Ivrea, was shot down

The injured boar

The animal, agitated and dangerous, was stopped in via Varmondo Arborio. The hunting guards intervened to stop the ungulate

IVREA. A strange awakening on Sunday morning in Ivrea: a wild boar was spotted in via Torino at the corner with via Jervis by a motorist, who immediately contacted the municipal police. Subsequently the ungulate managed to reach the Town Hall Square, where he entered the hall of the Municipality. Wounded in the side, he stained the floor with blood. The animal then continued its escape reaching via Varmondo Arborio from via Arduino. In its run, the wild boar also hit a cyclist, without causing him any physical damage. The animal was isolated by a Municipal Police patrol in a courtyard in via Varmondo Arborio near the nuns’ building. The mayor Stefano Sertoli also arrived on the spot. A team of specialized hunters, around 11, took steps to kill the wild boar, which had already lost a lot of blood due to a gunshot and the long escape.

Ivrea, injured boar has wandered around the city

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