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X Factor 2021, the best and worst of the fifth Live. Ed Sheeran super guest, outside Le Endrigo and Nika Paris

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Double elimination calls double elimination. And so, after the departure of Versailles and Mutonia seven days ago, the fifth Live of «X Factor» 2021 also claims two more victims. The first after a round of unreleased tracks, new for all competitors, which generally sound weaker than the previous ones of the debut. Those that the public likes least are those of Fellow and – incredibly – Le Endrigo (“Panic”), who, by decision of the majority of the jury, are eliminated.

The second abandonment comes following the performance of the super guest Ed Sheeran, who sings “Lego House” together with the winner of the last edition Casadilego, and a second orchestral heat themed “Generation Z”. The least voted are, surprisingly, Baltimore and Nika Paris, who, not yet of age, must first leave the stage and then the broadcast. Three out of four judges save Baltimore.


The Endrigo

If in the covers we have almost always criticized them, in the unpublished Le Endrigo they seem to be the most focused competitors (and precisely for this reason their elimination during the first heat surprised us a lot). At first they surprised with “Things bigger than you” and now, with “Panic” they confirm the first good impression. The song, dedicated to those suffering from panic attacks, winks less at the more commercial pop, but is still effective.


After four weeks at the top, it was physiological, almost sacrosanct, that even Baltimore was making its first misstep. The surprising thing is that the aforementioned misstep coincides with the song to which he is most linked, so tied that he decides to make the title also his stage name. As pointed out by Manuel Agnelli, «Baltimora» more than a piece looks like an exercise in style, which, as such, leaves the time it finds.


Nika Paris
He said he wrote “No Limit” straight away, in twenty minutes, while he was traveling on the train. Unfortunately for Nika Paris, however, automatic doesn’t always rhymes with beautiful. And it is the case of this certainly carefree piece, but without particular head or tail, which the 16-year-old – according to the story of her judge Mika – struggled to be able to sing on the stage of «X Factor». Courage is appreciable, minus the result.

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