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Xi Jinping beat the Politburo to talk about anti-corruption and release two intentions (picture)

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Xi Jinping beat the Politburo to talk about anti-corruption and release two intentions (picture)

Xi Jinping’s latest anti-corruption speech emphasizes infighting, and then mentions “self-revolution”. (Image credit: Ng Han Guan-Pool/Getty Images)

[SeeChinaJune192022News](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Miao Wei) June 17, the CCPPolitburoheldAnti-corruptionThe study conference released an unusual signal, and Xi Jinping emphasized at the meeting to “promote anti-corruption”struggle“, and pointed out that “we must start from leading cadres, especially senior cadres.” They are also required to “have a heart of awe”. Outside analysts believe that this is Xi JinpingTwentyBefore launching a new round of cleaning in the party to pave the way.

China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported that on June 17, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee conducted its 40th collective study on promoting the “three non-corruptions” (dare not to be corrupt, not to be corrupt, and not to want to be corrupt). Liu Meiping explained.

The report introduced Xi Jinping’s speech at length, emphasizing the infighting nature of the anti-corruption campaign, calling the anti-corruption “a major political struggle that cannot be lost and must not be lost.”

Xi Jinping demanded that members of the Politburo “must adhere to the highest standards”, “lead cadres, especially senior cadres, be strict”, “to take good care of themselves, family members and relatives, and to take care of the affairs of the people around them”, and adhere to the principle of “cleaning up the relationship between government and business.” “. Let all party members and cadres “dare not” because of awe, “can’t” because of the system, and “don’t want to” because of consciousness.

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In his speech, Xi repeatedly used official tropes he used before, such as “courage to revolutionize oneself”, saying that in his “new era”, “exploring an effective way to rely on self-revolution to escape the historical cyclical rate”. Xi stressed the need to “turn the blade inward”, “resolutely cut off the tumor” and “ensure that the red river and mountains will never change color”.

Xi Jinping’s speech on the 17th repeatedly mentioned “zero tolerance” for corruption, saying that he “resolutely eliminates the two-faced person who acts against the Party’s yang and yin”; for the discipline inspection and supervision organs responsible for anti-corruption, he also demanded that the spirit of self-revolution must be used to prevent “darkness under the lights”. “.

The reason why Xi Jinping is talking about anti-corruption at this moment, the French Guangguang quoted analysts on June 19, saying that one should be related to the need to carefully deploy cronies before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in the fall, and the other is to be criticized for his zero policy.

At the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping intends to break the party rule that the general secretary of the Communist Party of China has only served two terms for two terms. Therefore, in order to successfully take over the 20th National Congress, Xi may launch a major purge.

Wu Guoguang, a professor of political science, once said: “Since Xi came to power for ten years, he has continued to carry out high-level political purges in the party through anti-corruption. It should come as no surprise that he did so at such a crucial stage of preparation for such a reorganization of power.”

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Wu Guoguang once predicted that before July or August today, Xi Jinping may purge high-level political figures, in order to further deter the elites in the party, so that various forces that may challenge him dare not act lightly.

In addition, Xi Jinping insisted on implementing the zero-clearing policy, which intensified the contradictions within the CCP. The French Broadcasting Corporation report pointed out that Xi tried to clear the epidemic as one of the major achievements of his successful succession to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. After the reset policy worked briefly in the early days of the fight against the epidemic, Xi Jinping elevated it to an institutional advantage, and regarded it as a major feat of “personal command”. Regardless of the subsequent changes in the epidemic, the whole country enforced social zero reset, causing serious economic damage. As a result, this provided Chinese Premier Li Keqiang with an opportunity to “fight the fire”. Li Keqiang has continuously introduced measures to “save the economy”, held a rare nationwide meeting of 100,000 people, and even introduced the “nine prohibitions” that are diametrically opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” epidemic prevention policy.

At the same time, the “counterattack” of the Xi camp continued. First of all, he used the opportunity to visit Sichuan to once again demand to “persist on dynamic clearing and unswerving”; recently, he signed the “Outline of Military Actions for Non-War Military Actions”. If some analysts believe that Xi Jinping’s signing of this military document is to follow the example of Russia’s actions towards Ukraine In preparation for the launch of a “special military operation” one day, other observers believe that the document is mainly aimed at internal and has something to do with the mobilization of the army to suppress the state of emergency.

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