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Xi Jinping Invented “New Theory” Zhongnanhai’s High-Profile Momentum Arouses Controversy | Marx | Traditional Culture | The Second Combination

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Xi Jinping Invented “New Theory” Zhongnanhai’s High-Profile Momentum Arouses Controversy | Marx | Traditional Culture | The Second Combination

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing Time, June 06, 2023]Recently, the Chinese Communist Party’s media have made a high-profile publicity on a new theory “invented” by Xi Jinping, claiming to combine Marx’s principles with traditional Chinese culture. Some analysts believe that Xi Jinping did not want to abandon the CCP, and he could not find a way out, so he invented this freak under the cloak of Chinese culture under the crisis.

The Chinese Communist Party’s media, Xinhua News Agency, and People’s Daily have successively published articles in recent days to promote a speech made by Xi Jinping a few days ago. In his speech at the Symposium on Cultural Inheritance and Development on June 2, Xi Jinping claimed that “combining the basic principles of Marxism with China’s specific reality and with China’s excellent traditional culture is the only way to go.”

“People’s Daily” published an article on June 3, drawing out many key points of Xi Jinping’s speech. On the 5th, Xinhua News Agency touted Xi’s speech as “the second combination” and a new cultural mission.

Before Xi Jinping, CCP leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping advertised “combining the basic principles of Marxism with China’s specific reality.” This is the first combination proposed by the CCP leaders after the CCP introduced Marx into China.

The combination proposed by Xi Jinping this time was packaged by the party media as “the second combination”, which means that it is “Xi Jinping’s invention and creation”.

According to Xinhua, the “second combination” shows that “the understanding of China’s roads, theories, and systems has reached a new height” and that “the consciousness of promoting cultural innovation in inheriting China’s excellent traditional culture has reached a new height.” Yun Yun.

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Regarding Xi Jinping’s “invention” mentioned above, political commentator Yue Shan told NTDTV on the 6th: “First of all, there is nothing wrong with China’s 5,000-year-old civilization being extensive, profound, and splendid. The earth, the Chinese are the people of God. Xi Jinping’s upholding of traditional Chinese culture is a good thing, but the bad thing is that he wants to stick to the CCP.”

Yue Shan believes, “The CCP is based on atheism. Marxism is not only a foreign religion, but also a demonic religion that is an enemy of God. It’s just that the CCP ignores these for their own power. How to combine one with God and one without God? ? If it is hard grafted, a freak will come out, and it will be a devil inside, and a Chinese cultural cloak on the outside.”

Regarding the high-profile campaign by the CCP’s media, Yue Shan believes that in order to maintain the regime, the CCP will not hesitate to use this spirit to brainwash and destroy the traditional Chinese culture again. The Cultural Revolution was almost destroyed. Now the CCP regime is facing internal and external crises, and Xi Jinping can’t find a way out of the regime, but he is trying to realize his dream of a red empire, so he came up with such a set of brainwashing theories. Another destruction of culture.”

The US “Capitol Hill” published an article by Bradley A. Thayer, China policy director and commentator of the Washington think tank “Center for Security Policy” (Center for Security Policy) on March 6. The article said that in his speeches, Xi Jinping often mentioned the greatness of Chinese civilization, such as the 5,000-year history of civilization. He tried to use this to support the rise of the CCP regime as a superpower and the historical inevitability of defeating the United States. But Xi Jinping and the CCP know their rule is illegal and are hiding it from the Chinese people and the world. In doing so, they exposed a deep sense of insecurity and a lack of self-confidence, knowing their regime’s failings.

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The article believes that no matter how hard Xi Jinping works, as long as the CCP regime is ruled by the Marxist ideology imported from the West, all his efforts will fail.

(Editor in charge: Wen Hui)

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