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Xi Jinping Wishes Farmers a Happy Sixth Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival and Highlights the Goal of Building an Agricultural Power

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On the occasion of the sixth “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival”, President Xi Jinping has extended holiday congratulations and sincere greetings to farmers across the country and comrades working on the “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” front. In his message, President Xi emphasized the importance of anchoring the goal of building an agricultural power and drawing a new picture of a livable, industrial, and beautiful countryside.

President Xi acknowledged the challenges faced this year, including the rare “bad rain” in the Huanghuai River, severe local floods in North and Northeast China, and local drought in the Northwest. Despite these difficulties, the country is expected to achieve another bumper harvest, which will contribute to economic recovery and accelerate the construction of a new era of high-quality development.

President Xi urged party committees and governments at all levels to fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee. The focus should be on stabilizing the fundamentals of agriculture, promoting rural revitalization, and accelerating agricultural and rural development. Increasing farmers’ income should remain the central task, and efforts should be made to broaden the channels for farmers to increase their income and improve their quality of life.

The message from President Xi is an important recognition of the vital role played by farmers and those working in the agricultural sector. Their hard work and dedication contribute significantly to the country’s food security and economic stability. President Xi’s holiday greetings serve as a reminder of the government’s commitment to supporting and empowering farmers.

As China continues on its path towards modernization, it is crucial to prioritize the development of agriculture and rural areas. By ensuring that farmers are well-supported and their livelihoods are improved, the country can achieve its goal of building a strong agricultural sector and creating a countryside that is livable, industrial, and beautiful.

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In conclusion, President Xi Jinping’s holiday greetings to farmers and those working in the agricultural sector highlight the government’s dedication to supporting and empowering this vital group of individuals. By focusing on agricultural development and rural revitalization, China can continue on its path towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

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