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Xiamen International Stone Fair is very popular and orderly

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Xiamen International Stone Fair is very popular and in good order

Exhibitors praised the efficient and convenient guarantee of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Organization, which effectively promoted the recovery of the industry

Xiamen DailyNews (Reporter Wu Junning) Yesterday morning, many visitors lined up at the entrance of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center to check codes, check security, and enter the museum in an orderly manner. A feast of the stone industry is being held here.

The 22nd China Xiamen International Stone Fair held from July 30th to August 2nd, on the basis of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, stimulated market vitality, boosted industry confidence, and helped Xiamen’s exhibition industry continue to recover. It has become a vivid epitome of Xiamen’s effective coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.

Strict and efficient epidemic prevention measures

The reporter saw at the scene that after the opening of the exhibition, the visitors entered the venue quickly and in an orderly manner according to the epidemic prevention and control verification process under the guidance of the staff.

“The epidemic prevention process of the exhibition is very efficient and convenient, and it also makes people feel safe and secure.” Ms. Bao, a merchant from Hangzhou, said that they only need to prepare a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate and qualified health code and itinerary code in advance, and register to enter. After reading the site information, scan and activate the “Xiamen Exhibition Code” at each entrance of the exhibition hall, and you can enter the venue with the code. The whole process only takes a few minutes.

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“Xiamen Exhibition Code” is a powerful measure for Xiamen to actively explore digital solutions for epidemic prevention and control at exhibitions this year and achieve precise prevention and control. After uploading the complete information in advance, you can simplify the previous processes of scanning the code, brightening the health code, identity verification, and exhibition verification into one process, and you can pass by swiping your face or swiping the code. In addition, pre-registration codes can be seen everywhere on the set board of the entrance passage, and those who have not filled in the information in advance can also register on the spot.

The reporter learned that under the guidance of the Municipal Prevention and Control Office and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce (Convention and Exhibition Bureau), the exhibition organizers Xiamen Exhibition Group and Xiamen Exhibition Jinhongxin Exhibition have formulated a detailed epidemic prevention and control guarantee plan, which is closely related to epidemic prevention, venues, security and other aspects. The department cooperates closely to ensure the smooth development of the exhibition.

The exhibition requires exhibitors to have a daily nucleic acid inspection and visitors to hold a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate. “We have also set up 4 nucleic acid testing points on site to provide convenience for exhibitors.” Zhou Yangcai, deputy general manager of Xiamen Convention & Exhibition Jinhongxin Exhibition, introduced that the on-site testing points can provide nucleic acid testing services for 40,000 to 50,000 people every day, basically without queuing. .

In order to adapt to the new normal of epidemic prevention and control, the organizer of the exhibition also launched the “Xiamen Stone Fair on the Cloud” to create a two-line exhibition effect of “online display and offline drainage”, creating an efficient way for international business exchanges.

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Stimulate the vitality of the industry market

With the theme of “Sharing the New Ecology of the Stone World”, this year’s Stone Fair has a scale of 162,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,100 high-quality domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition. It vividly and three-dimensionally displays the current status and future development trends of the stone industry, which effectively boosts the confidence of the industry. .

At the exhibition site, buyers from all over the country came to see new products and discuss cooperation, showing the tenacity and vitality of the stone industry. Many exhibitors said that the buyers invited by this year’s exhibition are highly professional and precise, and the order conversion rate exceeds expectations.

Wang Huawei, general manager of Quanzhou Liyuan Stone Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters that their booth’s home application scenarios and stone cultural and creative products have attracted many customers. Yesterday alone, they received several million yuan of intentional orders.

“Many industry exhibitions at home and abroad have been cancelled. We have been looking forward to this exhibition for a long time.” Liu Liang, chairman of Yingliang Group, said that the stone exhibition has changed from a simple trading platform to a platform for the integration and docking of upstream and downstream resources in the industrial chain. Among the more than 130 merchants they received on the opening day, 50% were old customers. Many of them brought orders to discuss details, and many merchants said they would further visit the factory.

Zhou Yangcai introduced that supporting activities such as “Stone Infinite Design Exhibition” and “Xiamen Habitat Design Festival” were also held during the exhibition, bringing more applications and inspiration to the stone industry.

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The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Convention and Exhibition Bureau said that the Xiamen convention and exhibition industry seized the critical period of economic recovery, resolutely implemented the important requirements of “preventing the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and developing safely”, and earnestly implemented the recently issued “Above the Scale of Xiamen City”. According to the provisions of the “Implementation Opinions on Epidemic Prevention and Control in Conferences and Exhibitions”, we have coordinated epidemic prevention and development, and ushered in an effective recovery of the industry. The four-day exhibition is not only a feast for the stone industry, but also drives consumption in Xiamen’s hotel and catering industries. It is understood that this year’s stone exhibition has an obvious pulling effect, and many hotels around the exhibition center are close to or in a state of full rooms during the exhibition.

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