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Xiamen: Part of the road to the island on the return journey tomorrow may appear to slow down-People’s Livelihood-Southeast Net Xiamen Channel

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Part of the road into the island on the return journey tomorrow may appear to be slow

Traffic police reminder: please keep abreast of the real-time road conditions and plan the driving route reasonably

Xiamen Evening News (Reporter Lu Jiajie) Yesterday was the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival. Xiamen’s roads ushered in a peak of travel. In the morning there was a wave of outbound traffic. Traffic congestion was mainly concentrated in the Xiang’an Tunnel, Chenggong Avenue, Haicang Bridge, Xiamen Bridge and other sections. The railway also ushered in a peak passenger flow. As of 18:00 yesterday, Xiamen Railway Station sent 122,000 passengers.


Traffic flow on roads around key scenic spots and major business districts has increased

Since 9 a.m. yesterday, traffic congestion occurred in Xiamen’s “four bridges, one tunnel and one embankment”, Xianyue Road and Chenggong Avenue. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Xiamen ushered in more obvious traffic from outside. The city’s key scenic spots include Huandao Road. Traffic congestion also occurred on the surrounding roads of Xiamen University’s Baicheng and Nanputuo Temple, and traffic on the surrounding sections of major commercial districts increased. Traffic jams occurred in some sections of the highway. A rear-end collision occurred in the Chaoding Tunnel section of the Quanzhou area of ​​Ningbo-Dongguan Expressway, which caused slow-moving vehicles on the section of the Shuangxikou Tunnel from Xiamen to Quanzhou, and the line of vehicles was as long as two kilometers.

The traffic police department reminded that during the holidays, there may be heavy traffic in some periods between 9 am and 11 am and between 15 am and 18 pm. The surrounding sections of popular scenic spots (Huyuan Road, Wenping Road, Huandao Road, South Huandao Road, etc.) will experience slow-moving vehicles for a long time. On the last day of the holiday, traffic peaks may occur in the surrounding sections of the scenic spot. After 14 o’clock, some sections of the road into Xiamen Island will slow down to varying degrees. The general public is requested to keep abreast of the real-time road conditions and plan travel routes reasonably.

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Introduced 3 special routes to facilitate passengers’ “just-go travel”

In terms of railway transportation, the reporter learned from Xiamen Railway Station that from June 11 to June 15, Xiamen Railway Station is expected to send 400,000 passengers. The passenger flow is mainly concentrated from Xiamen to Fuzhou, Ningde, Wuyishan, Sanming, and Longyan in the province. , Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, as well as Shanghai and Changsha outside the province, Xiamen Railway Station has added 65 trains to meet the travel needs of passengers.

The railway department has also customized three special routes: seaside holiday tours, green mountains and green water tours, and red research and study tours, adding more choices for tourists on holiday trips. For seaside holiday tours, add G9807 times and D9991 times from Nanchang (West) to Xiamen, G9873 times from Jingdezhen to Xiamen, D9615 times from Longyan to Xiamen, G9871 times and G9949 times from Nanping City to Xiamen (north), and D9601 times from Fuzhou to Xiamen Waiting for the train, it is convenient for passengers to go to Ludao Xiamen for a walk-and-go trip; the green mountain and green water cruise line will be added for C5176 and C9542 from Xiamen to Fuding, C9534 from Xiamen to Ningde, and G9872 from Xiamen (north) to Nanping City. Trains in directions such as G9950 and G9950 are convenient for passengers to experience the beautiful mountains and rivers, and taste the green water and green mountains surrounded by clouds. The red research and study tour route will add D9616, C9174, C9596 from Xiamen (North) to Longyan, and Xiamen from north to Chang Tingnan C9386, C9396, C9972 and other directions are convenient for passengers to explore the red culture in the old revolutionary area in western Fujian and witness the great changes in the Soviet area.

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7 roads in Tong’an

Parking fees will be charged from the 15th

Approved by the public security traffic management department, starting from June 15th, Tong’an District will start parking spaces on 7 roads including Yunxi Road, Yinhu West Road Side Road, Jiuyaoshan Road, Fengshan Road, Chengxi Road, Nanmen Road, Jiaochang Road, etc. Management.

This time, the Tongan Public Security Traffic Police has promoted a total of 31 road-occupied parking spaces charging management. Seven of them will be opened on June 15 and the remaining roads will be launched in the next step.

The traffic police department stated that this move will optimize the management of occupied parking spaces, reduce the random occupation of parking spaces and zombie vehicles, increase the turnover rate of parking spaces, further regulate the parking order in the Tongan area, improve road traffic efficiency, and improve traffic conditions. (Reporter Huang Wenshui

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