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Xiamen: Promoting small servings and half servings with eye-catching reminders to order meals in moderation- Minsheng- Southeast Net Xiamen Channel

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Promote small portion dishes, half portion dishes, eye-catching tips for ordering in moderation

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the implementation plan for the special action to stop catering waste, publicizing and advocating the good habit of saving food

Xiamen Evening NewsNews (Reporter Gao Jinhuan, Correspondent Chen Xuesong) On March 21, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued the “Implementation Plan for the Special Action to Stop Catering Waste in Xiamen”, which adheres to the combination of legal supervision and publicity and guidance, and focuses on tightening the main responsibility of the platform and strengthening the catering industry. Actions will be carried out in five aspects, including joint efforts in link supervision, strict investigation and punishment of violations of laws and regulations, giving full play to the supporting role of standards, and creating a strong publicity atmosphere.

During the action period, the market supervision department will increase the frequency and intensity of supervision and inspection, carry out open and unannounced visits, strictly investigate wasteful behaviors in the catering process, and strictly and promptly investigate and deal with illegal acts such as not proactively prompting and inducing ordering; guide catering service operators to implement the “anti-food Measures of the Waste Law; guide industry associations to strengthen industry self-discipline, formulate relevant system norms, issue initiatives to stop food waste, explore the establishment of a reward and punishment mechanism; actively promote “small portion dishes”, “half portion dishes” and “express food weight in online ordering” and other practices, remind consumers to order in an appropriate amount in an eye-catching way, actively provide packaging services, and advocate the use of degradable packaging and takeaway lunch boxes and tableware.

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The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will also actively promote the Municipal Food Safety Work Federation and the Catering Association to formulate the “Management Standards for Supplying Xiamen Standards to Stop Catering Waste” to standardize industry behavior.

It is understood that the market supervision department has always attached great importance to the work of anti-food waste. As early as 2017, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, together with the Municipal Charity Federation, Civil Affairs Bureau, Town Street, etc., mobilized caring enterprises to innovate and establish a caring food bank. social co-governance model. At present, Xiamen City has established 16 loving food banks and nearly 500 corporate loving donation points, with a cumulative donation of food worth more than 10 million yuan, achieving full coverage of 6 districts in the city and coverage of towns, streets, communities, and associations. After the implementation of the “Anti-Food Waste Law” in April 2021, the Haicang District Market Supervision Bureau took the lead in investigating and handling cases of anti-wasting food across the country. The above-mentioned practice was featured in CCTV’s “Deep Rule of Law” program.

Last week, the Market Supervision Bureau of Haicang District entered the Haicang Campus of Xiamen No. 1 Middle School to carry out a publicity campaign themed “Focus on Food Safety and Refuse Food Waste”. Supervisors explained the importance of food safety knowledge and food conservation in popular and vivid language. Raise the awareness of students to consciously stop food waste. Recently, the market supervision departments of Tong’an and Xiang’an ordered the parties concerned to make corrections and issued warnings regarding 4 cases of failure to set up relevant sign reminders or verbally remind consumers to avoid waste within their jurisdictions.

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